Patty Jenkins Will Direct Wonder Woman 3 (Latest Update)

Welcome back Fam! Today we are here discussing the FanDome event which was held this Saturday.  The director Patty Jenkins shared that the work on this upcoming movie which is the third part of Wonder woman has officially started its production.  This show is going to have this phenomenal actor Lynda Carter also confirmed that she would be doing this film.  The pair was seen during a segment in this fandom event of iconic comic book characters. 

Even tho they didn’t say much about this upcoming movie Carter shared that she cannot wait for the fan to watch what can Jenkins have for them.  As of now, no detailed explanation has been shared by the director regarding what to expect from this upcoming show.

Jenkins shared in an interview that he is very excited to share the news about the third part of Wonder Woman 3. He also said that even the Gadot was not with them but they are very excited to be up with some interesting thing for their fans. It is updated that both Jenkins and Gadot are going to return to the series with Jenkins writing and directing this trilogy.

As far as we know Carter is also going to have a bigger role in this new movie after characters were shown at the end of Wonder Woman 1984.  In an interview, it was shared by Jenkins that Wonder Woman 3 will be the last film in this Trilogy.

Wonder Woman 3
Wonder Woman 3

Patty Jenkins Shared Wonder Woman 3 Update at DC FanDome

Jenkins also shared that The Wonder Woman 1984 had given him a chance to explore new things and to add on everything he could not do in the first movie. He further added that he was so happy to tell about the origin of Wonder Woman.  It was as such her birth and no one knew what she is exactly capable of. 

He also added that it is very exciting for him to show Wonder Woman’s strength and all power she summons.  She also added that it is very important for her to fight against her internal struggle. She is both a goddess and also tries to help humanity in every way possible.  He also said that she is not someone who would fight only to the devil but also she shows bad people how to improve themselves and this is going to be very much interesting to watch.

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Jenkins also added that this upcoming movie is most probably the last part of the Wonder Woman series and he also said that he had put everything and this movie he wanted to share.  This journey has been a roller coaster ride for him and he had shot everything very carefully for the upcoming movie.

As of now no detailed update has been shared about this third part of Wonder Woman but walnut Warner Bros has shared a note last year that this movie is going to have a complete traditional theatrical release as compared to the release for Wonder Woman 1984.

Once any news is shared by the makers regarding the release date of this show we will let you know on this page. So keep checking our blog and stay connected with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite characters and shows.

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