PhotoRoom Released its Android App on Play Store for Background Removal

Photography is changing rapidly with the emergence of next-gen tech in the market. You can see some cameras can capture images at 360 degrees. You can shoot your high-quality vlogs with GoPro cameras. Even iPhone photography has become a thing on its own. Basically, if you are interested in capturing photos, this is the greatest time to do that. With so many software like PhotoRoom, Adobe Photoshop, high-end gadgets, and thousands of instructions available for free, you can get great results.  

What is PhotoRoom

Since I mentioned PhotoRoom above, it’s obligatory to inform you, photo nerds, that it is launching its Android app on Play Store today. If you don’t know what PhotoRoom is, it’s a french company that specializes in removing background from photos and other editing features. The services allow you to make ‘professional images,’ as claimed on their official site.

You can remove one background from the photo and replace it with another and tweak the image. They have been working on developing image processing apps that are extremely useful for users. 

If you are using iOS, you should not be worried about PhotoRoom on iPhone, and they are on it already. The company is a Y Combinator product, with a seed funding of $1.2 million and revenue of $2 million. 

It’s a great app for those who are influencers, content creators, and internet marketers. Small-time influencers or small e-commerce entrepreneurs can’t afford professional photographers, studios, and models for their clothing business. They need something that won’t cost them a fortune, and this is where PhotoRoom like app comes into the picture. 

You can get your friends to pose as models and remove the background and replace it to make it look cool and professional with a measly cost. When you are a hungry entrepreneur, you have to look for all the options to avoid unnecessary spending. 

Coming to PhotoRoom, it has subscriptions as a leading source of generating revenue. It costs $9.49/month and $46.99/year to use the premium features of PhotoRoom. 

Machine Learning is used to detect the subject and objects in the photo and remove it from the background. The company is looking forward to hiring more people in the future and deploying better deep learning algorithms to deliver better results. 

What professional photo editing apps do you use? How’s your experience with PhotoRoom? Comment below to let us know. Follow us for more tech news every day.

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