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Pioneer Natural Gas Chief Holds Shale Company Responsible for Permian Basin Gas Flaring

The CEO of Pioneer Natural Resources, Scott Sheffield, on Tuesday, called on producers in the top U.S. shale area to limit pure gasoline flaring and monitor for methane leaks.

Firms are targeting oil in the fast-rising Permian Basin field, however, pipeline development has slackened, leaving natural gas as a byproduct to be released.

Producers ought to get flaring and venting rates to 2% or less and not drill wells before pipelines are complete, Sheffield stated throughout a name with analysts a day after releasing quarterly outcomes.

His feedback comes as several oil and gas firms have vowed to limit leaks of methane, an effective greenhouse gas, and to reducing flaring and venting.

Gas flaring and releasing in the Permian in Texas and New Mexico reached a brand new record of 750 million cubic feet per day (mmscfd) in Q3, based on estimates launched Tuesday by Rystad Energy, up to 650 from 600 mmscfd throughout the previous nine months.

The upswing is being pushed by more drilling and fracking, pipeline bottlenecks, and new production in areas that lack gathering strains and refineries.

Pioneer’s flaring rate is nearly 1%, the second-lowest in the basin behind Chevron based on an investor presentation with Rystad Energy data. The common for its peer group was a 5% flaring rate.

BP, which took over BHP Petroleum’s assets in the Permian in March and had a comparatively small amount of output in the field, had a flaring and releasing rate of approximately 14%.

Pioneer’s low rate of flaring “proves it may and should be done by all operators,” stated Colin Leyden, senior manager of administrative and legislative affairs for the Environmental Defense Fund. “And calling for concrete, actionable change across trade is vital and required.”


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