Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Have a Release Date Status, a Trailer, Gameplay, News, and a Lot More Information About Them

Welcome back fam! Today we are here discussing the upcoming Pokemon games which are going to be released real soon.  The Pokemon Company had used the celebration of Pokemon day in 2022 to announce the new upcoming game by them known as Scarlet and violet. These are the next upcoming two games in the series which are going to be released on Nintendo switch.

As of now the first trailer for this game has been shared by the developers and we have all the details about what these upcoming two games have for us.  We are going to see action-packed all-new Pokemon and there is a lot of information about this upcoming game in the trailer.  So we have gathered everything you need to know for this upcoming game along with the trailer release date and the gameplay.  Keep on reading further to know everything about this upcoming game.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Trailer

The first trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and violet has been released for all the players.  To our utter surprise, this trailer is not some teaser, it’s a full-fledged long trailer explaining what we can expect from this upcoming game. This trailer is a 3-minute long trailer showing all the gameplay through the entire trailer. 

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Release date

The first release trailer for this upcoming game has given us a hint that this game is going to be released somewhere in late 2022.  And by this, we are expecting that this game will be with us during the winter holidays.  So all the fans have to wait for a while before the game is with us. 

Other than that, it is big news that this game will be released this year itself.  Since 2022 have seen many other releases of Pokemon such as Pokemon legends: Arceus and it was a complete hit we did not expect any other Pokemon game series to be out.  However, we think that we are in luck this year to have two more Pokemon released, that is Pokemon sacred light and violet.

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These 2 games have been announced by the developers to be released on Nintendo switch and these games would be exclusive games for the platform.  This news was not a surprise for us as with the given series of Pokemon we are sure that these games are only made for Nintendo switch and not for any other platforms.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet gameplay

To begin with, this gameplay starter pack for Pokemon already seems a lot cute for all the players to play.  If you are going to try this game out then get ready for some extra loaded cuteness already implemented in this game.  All the characters you can adapt and play from contain Sprigatito, a grassy cat, Quxaly, a duckling, and Fuecoco, a fiery crocodile. 

For all the beginners this game is fun and the design perspective of this game is very simple for any player to understand.  With this simple design in this new update, we are expecting that there will be a lot more new Monsters in this game.

As we all know that there is always going to be a roster of Pokemon to which we can depend on with every new range of game design.  The most important thing about this gameplay is that all the plot is very easy for the players to understand and play. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The gameplay hasn’t been lined up directly but is made along with how the game should be played.  As per the developers of this game, players can move from any town to any area without any certain transition or loading screen and this feature sounds exciting to be played with.

In this game, we also got a look at how the open-world systems have helped the series to modernize the previous version that is Legends Arceus. We are expecting that these two upcoming games are going to have various new looks while making their entry into the series.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s story

Even the trailer has shown everything about the gameplay of this upcoming Game series but the name of Scarlett and violet of the game were not given a justified reveal in the trailer.  It hasn’t been confirmed by the developer anything much about this particular topic. 

However, as we know in the last decade a lot of Pokemon games have taken some actual world inspirations in the game, for example, the sword and shield of the UK. We are also expecting that this game is going to have something as such as of now that this combination of the series is based in Spain and Portugal. But nothing has been confirmed by the developers.

The entire story of the upcoming game looks more like an in-game version of La Sagrada of Barcelona. We are just waiting for the official confirmation from the makers. We can also expect that this game is going to have a group of baddies who will be in this entire journey.

Other than that we are expecting a lot more from this new upcoming story of Scarlet and Violet. So do not forget to keep checking our column as we will keep it updated for you. Until any further update stays tuned with us for all such amazing news about your favorite games and shows.

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