Police Release New Photos, Seek New Info In Unsolved 1996 Murder Of Amber Hagerman

It took only a few minutes, yes that’s how long it took to kidnap a little girl who was 9-year-old. Her name was Amber Hagerman, a resident of ARLINGTON, Texas. She left her grandmother’s house to ride a bicycle. 

In what condition the little girl was found?

The little girl’s dead body was discovered after four days in a creek bed a few miles away. Her throat had been slit, and also, her killer had never been identified.

This year, after more than 25 years had passed since the girl was captured, police in Arlington reclaimed their requests to the locals for answers on the case about who caught the little blotch-faced girl and what was the purpose for killing her?

A fresh, devoted tip line has been formed for providing any information on Amber’s murder case. Let us clear that Oak farms. Fairy still perpetuates giving a $10,000 prize money for providing any latest update related to detention and allegation.

During a news conference held on 13th January 2021,  Sgt. Ben Lopez, a member of the original task force, stated that “All this time, we’ve only had one witness,” further adding to it, “That’s why we’re pleading if there’s anyone out there that has information — even if they think it’s just a small bit of information — (it) may be the leader we need to break this.”

Do you have any updates on the kidnapping and murder of Amber? If you have, then call on 817-575-8823.

Unsolved 1996 Murder Of Amber Hagerman

What is the new disclosure made by the police authorities?

The officials recently have disclosed for the first time that the DNA evidence in Amber’s murder case. Since latest DNA technology, along with genetic genealogy, increasingly supports legal authorities in solving and untangle open instances to find the unidentified suspicious aspects. Arlington investigators pull themselves with the new hope.

While talking to Dallas Morning News on the murder case, the lead investigator, Detective Grant Gildon, denied disclosing the physical evidence the department has with them related to the point stating it as such evidence about which the killer of Amber would be introduced. The evidence has been kept securely and maintained over the past 25 years with the faith that it could prove to be an essential lead one fine day.

During the 13th Jan press conference, Grant Gildon said that the proof would be handed over for examination later this year. He told the reporters who came together in the same parking area from where Amber was captured, “Every year, I talk with all the major laboratories around the country to see if there are any new technologies or anything we could be trying with the evidence that we have,” further adding to it “That is what’s led to some new developments where we can try some things this year.”

What did the mother of Amber say in the press conference?

The mother of Amber, Donna Williams, also requested with the fellow public and said straight to the person who murdered her precious daughter. She said during the press conference, “To Amber’s killer, I’m asking you today, please turn yourself in,” further pleaded to everyone “, Give Amber justice. Amber needs justice, deeply.”

Arlington’s Little Angel

According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, On 13th January 1996, around 3.10 p.m. Amber and her then 5-year-old young brother, Ricky, took leave from their grandmother’s house to ride their bicycles. It was a Saturday midday, and their mother had permitted both of them to ride their bikes but only to the block and not beyond that area.

Donna Williams, a single mother, recently gave an interview for a portion with Dallas news station WFAA, which aims to classify those families who succeeded in getting off of welfare. As per the reports, the section which incorporated the clip of Amber was all set to run few days after her murder. Since Amber and her brother Ricky used to ride an excellent ramp in the empty parking lot of Winn-Dixie, two-tenths of a mile from home attracted them, as per the report of NCMEC. Ricky, recalling what their mother told them, soon returned to their home two-tenths of a mile away.

A few minutes later, a 78-year-old man who stayed down the street saw a horrible sight through the chain-attached fence which disjointed his courtyard from the endmost of the strip mall where the store was situated. Jimmie Kevil’s eye-witness revealed to the CBS -Dallas Fort Worth of his insight in the year 2016 at the 20th year of the kidnapping.

Kevil told the news station that “I saw (Amber) riding up and down,” further adding to it, “She was by herself. I saw this black pickup. He pulled up, jumped out and grabbed her. When she screamed, I figured the police ought to know about it, so I called them.” The witness also died a few months after he gave the interview.

Kevil also told the officials that the little girl also attempted to smash the man since he strained her into the truck. 

The police authorities expressed that the department doesn’t take any interest in the emigration status of any of the witnesses who have any information about Amber’s murderer.

During the press conference held on 13th January 2021, Arlington Assistant Police Chief Kevin Kolbye said, “We hope that someone in the community saw something. Maybe they didn’t come forward 25 years ago out of fear or not wanting to get involved,” further adding to it he stated, “Whatever the reason, we need folks to search their minds and bring forward anything that may be (of) value to our investigation.”

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