Police Shoot and Kill a Harvard Woman, Seeking Her Ex-Boyfriend

Mary Anderson’s body was discovered in her truck in Brattleboro, Vermont, at around 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday.

According to the Massachusetts State Police, Matthew Davis was shot and killed by police on Tuesday night after being sought in connection with the murder of Mary Anderson, 23. Anderson’s ex-boyfriend, Davis, was 34 years old.

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Mathew Davis Shot By Police

According to a news release from the Vermont State Police, Davis was discovered while out walking in Brattleboro. It was around 7:45 p.m. when officers approached him in an attempt to speak with him; shortly after, he was shot.

The incident, including the question of which officers fired their weapons, is reportedly being investigated by the police.

Police Shoot Kill a Harvard Woman Seeking Her Ex-Boyfriend
Police Shoot Kill a Harvard Woman Seeking Her Ex-Boyfriend

On Sunday night, Anderson’s family noticed she hadn’t returned home. Early on Tuesday morning, state police in Brattleboro, Vermont, discovered her body in her pickup truck.

Anderson’s body was found in the 2017 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck that she was driving on Saturday night in Hudson, New Hampshire, according to Harvard police. This was the last time Anderson was seen alive.

Vermont police said on Tuesday that the discovery of Anderson’s body on Elliot Street at 12:55 a.m. raised “suspicious circumstances” regarding the cause of death.

Tuesday morning, police announced their desire to meet with Davis. Davis, a resident of Fitchburg with ties to the Pittsfield area, may have information “relevant to this ongoing investigation,” according to the Massachusetts State Police.

Anderson’s mother was reportedly concerned that her daughter had been “abducted” by her “ex-fiancé,” as reported by MassLive.

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