Pretty Smart’ Trailer Features Emily Osment As An Intellectual Living With Four Dumb Roomies

Everybody needs a little more fun now than they ever did before. When Netflix’s new original comedy series Pretty Smart premieres in the autumn, fans can expect a heaping helping of giggles from the creators of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and How I Met Your Mother. A dumb comedy with insight into life is returning to Netflix, which undoubtedly has a love angle. When it comes to old comedies, the dumb character often made jokes based on their poor insight into underlying beliefs universally understood and accepted by the audience. It’s not just one dumb character that Pamela Fryman (How I Met Your Mother) and Brian Singleton (Mixed-ish) are putting in to be wildly dealt with by one wise woman. They are four- and one of them is hot(eeek)!  

Emily Osment is in the spotlight this week as pretty smart is on the corner. It’s not the first time she’s played an intelligent character; she’s starred in The Kominsky Method, The Young & the Hungry, Mom Almost Family, and Hannah Montana, among others. Ahh! Lily in Hannah Montana- that’s when we started to absolutely adore our lily. And indeed, the same will do to Chelsea! Right, guys? Insightful Date of Premiere; When will it air? What’s the deal with Pretty Smart, exactly? Is “Pretty Smart” set to premiere any time in the near future? What’s the scoop on it? You’ll find out a lot you need here! Every new news regarding Pretty Smart, including cast members and movie trailers, is gathered here. 

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Pretty Smart Release Date

The first season of Netflix’s new sitcom Pretty smart will premiere on Friday, October 8, with ten episodes. We’d say it’s good enough to justify sticking up too late than expected for the chuckles this new release will bring, even if the premiere is at 12:01 a.m. PT, which is 3:01 a.m. 

Who all will be seen here? 

As Chelsea, Osment plays a Harvard-educated intellectual and budding author forced to relocate in with her cheerful, easygoing, not-so-intelligent West Coast sister, Claire (Olivia Macklin), after her lover dumps her.


As Grant, Claire’s ex-boyfriend and roommate, who also happens to be a personal trainer, Sulkin appears in several of Pretty smart’s trailer training sequences. Specific chemistry has already been established between Chelsea and Grant. This may make things uncomfortable in the first season. Also in the cast are Claire’s other Los Angeles roommates, Solana (Cinthya Carmona), an ex-lawyer who is now a healer in Pretty Smart. Mikey Hsu Rosen plays Jayden, who is fascinated with the popularity of social media. I mean, this is an evergreen show that we all long for. There is a hot-mess man whose dumbness makes no sense when you look at her face, and then there’s his heroine- witty and cute and things pretty, and oh wait- her sister- can we call her to have an equally prominent role in comedy? Oh yes, we definitely can. 

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What’s Pretty Smart All About?

Emily Osment will be seen playing Chelsea, a Harvard graduate and highly strung fiction writer. She has a closed-minded and no fun attitude initially, struggling to understand and experiencing entirely out of place between many of her roomies. Though a few action sequences in the slight trailer touch on adorable chemistry between Chelsea and Grant, they are doubtful of their bonding. But the clip isn’t all sunshine and rainbows: the two sisters face some challenges as they try to mend their friendship, with Claire informing Chelsea, “You think I’m stupid, but I’m not!” 

According to the creators of How I Met Your Mother and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Chelsea may learn a thing or two from her new housemates, getting clues on how to enjoy life to the fullest from her new friends. 

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Pretty Smart Trailer

This week, Netflix released the first teaser for the upcoming sitcom Pretty smart, and it’s a delightful glimpse at what’s to come in the romcom store. With Emily Osment behaving like a diamond in a coal mine and Gregg Sulkin undressed, this series looks like a must-watch for all those who ship teen drama voyages. 

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