Prince Harry Reveals He Had First Panic Attack With Kate Middleton

Prince Harry disclosed in his explosive autobiography Spare that he had his first panic attack in the presence of his sister-in-law Kate Middleton and brother Prince William.

The Duke of Susse* said that he suffered from ‘agoraphobia,’ a fear of open and crowded spaces, and had his first-ever panic attack while traveling to a polo match in Gloucestershire with William and Kate. Prince Harry revealed in his book: “He (Prince William) was present during my first panic episode.

“Their Range Rover was transporting us to a polo event in Gloucestershire. I was in the rear, and Willy stared at me via the rearview mirror. He noticed me sweating and with a crimson face.” Then, Harry described how William asked him if he was okay, adding, No, I wasn’t.

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I asked him to stop over every few miles so I could stretch my legs and regain my breath because the journey lasted many hours. This follows a multitude of other accusations made by Prince Harry in his book, including one in which he accused Prince William of attacking him in 2019 following a dispute about Meghan Markle.

Kate Is Quietly Distressed By Prince Harry Book

In late December, William and Kate, Prince and Princess of Wales, did what any proud parents would do and posted their eldest kid, Prince George’s, artwork on Instagram rather than their refrigerator. They wanted their 14.6 million Instagram followers to enjoy his young ‘genius’.

The reason we are discussing that reindeer today is not that the UK’s future king has as much creative skill as a Gold Coast pensioner doing a TAFE course, but because it is the last time Team Wales published anything on the platform, despite Kate’s 41st birthday being on Monday.

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