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To get you pumped, James Bond is coming to video games on the next generation of consoles. But who’s up for the challenge of becoming the world’s greatest sleuth? Come on, we can find out together.

Everyone, including me, assumed that with Daniel Craig’s departure from the character of James Bond, we would never see another actor take on the position. According to the announcement made by IO Interactive, they’re working on Project 007.

When this game was announced, IO Interactive stated that Project 007 was still in the early stages of development. Is there any new information available now since two years have passed?

In the end, I’ve found what I can about this game, and I can guarantee you that we’ll have a fantastic time. Here we go: Let’s dissect Project 007 and see what it has to offer.

Project 007
Project 007

Is It Fair to Assume That Project 007 Will Release in 2022?

Project 007 has yet to see a confirmed release date. Everything points to a 2024-2025 release date for this game. For those wanting to get their hands on Project 007 within the next year, I know this isn’t very encouraging. Project 007 will only be accessible on next-generation platforms.

According to my investigation into job openings at IO Interactive, I believe Project 007 is still in its early stages even after two years. How come, you might ask? It’s possible that IO Interactive is still in the concept art phase, as there are sixteen open roles. According to what I’ve heard, they haven’t even begun the process of hiring for these roles.

What Is the Setting and Story Project 007?

On Project 007, as previously stated, there has been little to no information. Since the game was first unveiled in November 2020, the plot has remained a complete mystery. It was confirmed, however, by the CEO of IO Interactive that Project 007 will be a wholly unique take on James Bond.

Former actors won’t be appearing in new roles. For this reason, don’t look for Daniel Craig to be the protagonist.

I’m curious to see how IO Interactive plans to revamp the James Bond character for a new age. Several people, including myself, could be affected by this. However, we don’t know where IO Interactive is going with its James Bond story. I’d be surprised if he weren’t dressed up as a super spy.

Are There Going to Be Pc and Xbox Versions for Project 007?

Project 007’s launch consoles have yet to be disclosed by IO Interactive. There are no guarantees that Project 007 will be released on Xbox and PC. If Microsoft and Sony acquire developers like Bungie and Bethesda, there’s a tiny chance this game may be exclusive for the PlayStation5.

Project 007 should, in my expert opinion, be released on all platforms. The official announcement on which consoles will be supported by Project 007. It would be nice if that happened quickly rather than later.

Is Project 007 Included in the Xbox Game Pass?

Project 007 isn’t expected to be available on the Xbox Game Pass. In the event that IO Interactive makes more announcements regarding their next game, this could all change. We may be told that Project 007 is only available on the Xbox Series S/X and PC, or vice versa.

However, all of this is just conjecture at this point, as neither IO Interactive nor EON Productions have provided any official confirmation to the media.

Any Leaks & Rumors About Project 007?

Project 007, As you may have seen, there isn’t much information out there concerning IO Interactive. The only thing we know for sure about the next game is that it will have a brand new plot centered on a modernized James Bond. Otherwise, Project 007 is cloaked in secrecy. Fortunately, I’ve made progress in solving the puzzles in this game.

All of us have questioned if this James Bond game may perhaps have a multiplayer mode at some point. However, there are few specifics available at this time about an online component.

Today, I found out that IO Interactive is seeking a Lead Online Programmer and UI Designer to help with Project 007 and the Hitman series. It is clear from these placements that IO Interactive wants to duplicate the multiplayer mode from Goldeneye.

An Intermediate/Senior Gameplay Animator and Cinematics Producer are also being sought by IO Interactive. As a result, I am convinced that Project 007’s storyline will be tremendous. Expect some James Bond-style action sequences, too. There’s no doubt that next-generation consoles would shine in this scenario.

IO Interactive currently has sixteen open vacancies. 007’s development will commence as soon as these slots are filled. Consequently, this game will not be released until 2024-25. It’s possible that I’m incorrect and IO Interactive will announce this game in 2023, which would be a pleasant surprise.

Is Project 007 Going to Have a Female Lead?

There will be no female protagonist in Project 007’s main storyline. IO Interactive’s decision to use Ian Fleming as the inspiration for James Bond may be seen as a mistake by some, yet most people are unaware of this fact. From 1939 until 1942, he served as a Naval Intelligence Officer in the British Navy, where he helped in Operation Goldeneye.

A female protagonist in multiplayer isn’t out of the question for IO Interactive. Female super spies from various law enforcement agencies throughout the world, including M16, are something we can fully anticipate seeing in the future.

Are There Any Demos and Trailers for the Game?

A cinematic trailer published by IO Interactive for Project 007 does not reveal any information about the game. You may have noticed that the inside barrel of the pistol aims toward where James Bond is supported, but it’s only for a limited period of time. He hasn’t shown up at any point in time.

For the time being, IO Interactive does not want anyone to see what their James Bond game would look like. To my disappointment, the trailer for Project 007 didn’t reveal anything. I’ve been a fan of this franchise for a long time. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, you can check it out below!

 Any Technical Requirements for a Gaming System?

By the time Project, 007 is released by IO Interactive, there is a strong likelihood that there will be another generation of CPUs and GPUs. So, I’d advise caution when it comes to our system needs.

Project 007 may be able to run on the Nvidia GTX GeForce 3060 or AMD Ryzen 6 Series, but this is only a hunch.

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