The Promised Neverland Season 3:Release Date Status, Plot

Featuring demons and humans, The Promised Neverland is a Japanese manga series that deals with exciting plots. The show currently has 2 seasons with the second season airing in January 2021. However, the show did not meet the fan’s expectations and was a definite failure among them. So what are the producers going to do now? Are they going to just end the series or revive it with a spectacular The Promised Neverland Season 3 to regain its popularity? Keep on reading to find the latest information regarding The Promised Neverland Season 3.

Renewal and Release Date of The Promised Neverland Season 3

Season 2 of the series was a complete flop as the producers cut out some of the story’s major events that would play vital roles in character development as well as the development of the story as a whole. They managed to sum up 144 chapters of the Manga into an 11 episode season! With missing content and skipped battles, viewers couldn’t really understand what was happening and why it was happening and hence, they greatly disliked the series. In fact, the viewers themselves are asking the producers and directors to cancel the show! The manga had a jaw-dropping plot full of twists and turns and the show was everything but that! The rating of the show has also fallen from 8.64 for the first season to 6.2 on MyAnimeList. In such a situation, it only makes sense for the producers to not renew the show for a third season as it won’t have a huge following. Furthermore, the series has also covered all the manga and there is no further information available for a third season. Hence, it is highly likely that the series closed with the second season. However, there are still chances of an OVA in the future which could finally bring justice to the series as there are several manga one-shots available. Season 1 was spectacular and perhaps one of the best anime seasons of all time and we really do hope that the producers do something to bring back the show’s credibility. 

Promised Neverland Season 3
Promised Neverland Season 3

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The plot of The Promised Neverland

In a world full of demons and humans, fights are bound to happen. To prevent them, a pact was set up; The Promise. This allowed humans to live safely without demon interference. But at what cost? The cost of human children in orphanages who are bred specifically to be eaten by demons! The series deals with Emma, an 11-year-old, escaping from her orphanage along with other children and battling some of the most powerful demons. She even fights the demon queen Legravalima and wins. The show ends with her reforging the Promise and losing her memory.

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