Putin Ally Steven Seagal Has Spoken Out Against the Ukraine Invasion: “I See Them as One Big Family to Me.”

Recently an update has been shared by Steven Seaga. This 69-year-old shared his views regarding the invasion of Russia over Ukraine.  If we talk about fox news digital this actor said that he feels both Ukraine and Russia as one family. 

He also shared that most of them have their family and friends in Russia and Ukraine as well.  He further added that he looks at both of them as one family and he believes that some outside entity has been provoking these two countries and also has been spending huge amounts on them so that they can continue with this war.

He said that he has been praying for both the countries, that they come to a positive outcome where they can come to a decision and also try and leave peacefully together.

Russia has appointed a law in 2018 where they have proposed to improve their relationship with the US.  During that time the Russian Foreign Ministry had also shared the responsibility of Seagal’. His responsibility was to manage the relationship between the United States and Russia in the field of humanitarian which also included public, art, cultural, and youth exchanges.

steven seagal
steven seagal

Steven Seagal Says He Sees Both Sides of the Countries War as ‘One Family’: Blames Outside Forces Provoking War

Back when Seagal had received his citizenship in Russia in 2017 Ukraine had stopped him from getting into the country. At that time the fight between Ukraine and Russia was still going on and the forces had also tried to attack from the eastern side of Ukraine.

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The comment by Seagel made about this ongoing war was released after the podcast of Joe Rogan The podcaster who has shared a fake report of CNN that claimed this actor has joined the special forces of Russia which have been near Kyiv.

The fake news shared on 28th February by this 54-year-old podcaster has shared a fake screenshot of this news report that showed Seagal was wearing the uniform of special forces and was hand holding a gun in hand. 

After this image was leaked all the Intelligence Agency all over the world have identified this American actor Steven Seagal who was seen among the special forces of Russia.  In that image, it was shown that the Russian special forces were surrounding him at the Gostomel airfield which is located near Kyiv and this image was captured by the airborne troops of Russia.

So do share in the comments below your views about this fake news shared by the podcaster and until any further updates take tuned with us for all such latest news. 

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