Puzzle Quest 3’s Release Date Status Has Been Set, and Pre-registrations Are Now Open

Puzzle Quest 3 would be the first of its type to be released on smartphones in March, according to development company Infinity Plus Two and publisher 505 Games this week.

The game’s launch date has been pushed back by about a month, and it now coincides with the start of a pre-registered time frame for the game to include a society aim to all gamers who are in harmony when the competition begins. The game will be released on Steam / early on March 1st, / in honor of March’s conception.

The development company and publishing company announced Puzzle Quest 3 on Wednesday, with the trailer showing the game, much of its gameplay, and some more background on the planned release.

The game was officially confirmed last year when the founders stated in January 2021 that it would be a PC and mobile device planning document. The game was present in small quantities via Google Play Instant Access at the time, allowing some participants to start it and describe it.

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“We’re very enthused to get even more participants; I’m thinking of a game like Puzzle Quest 3 (PQ3) in the early summer, and I absolutely can not wait for you to join us on the next wonderful excursion in Etheria,” said Infinity Plus 2 founder Steve “Sirrian” Fawkner.

“It seems to me only yesterday that we officially confirmed PQ3, but that was a year ago.” We’ve made substantial advances in the area since then, huge kudos to the incredible members of the public who assisted us with responses during the Early Assistance program. We sifted through records from multitudes of battles and gazillions of gems to find a good balance.”

You could indeed pre-register for Puzzle Quest 3 here if you really want to make sure they’re ready for the release of the game and have an opportunity to get rewards before the launch.

Puzzle Quest 3
Puzzle Quest 3

As with other mobile game pre-releases, the founders are incentivizing players to pre-register by promising things like boosting sums of money depending on the number of people who have signed up. The first major event of 10,000 sign-ups has yet to be achieved, but the game’s launch date and pre-registration possibility were just recently announced, so expect the numbers to rise as the publish date approaches.

Of course, apart from the first two central line Puzzle Quest games, as well as the numerous spin-off Puzzle Quest games that have been released so over years, Puzzle Quest 3 will be technically free to play.

As seen in the trailer, a fully 3D character creator that animates as they strike each other predicated on your hookup movements is also fresh for this entry. It appears to be fantastic. The five hero classes that will be accessible when the game restarts are also demonstrated in the trailer, albeit subtly: Paladin, Berzerker, Shaman, Necromancer, and Assassin.

As expected, there are plans to expand new categories and content to the game as time passes. Undoubtedly, there is a pre-registration propaganda effort for Puzzle Quest 3 taking place right now, and if you’ve been to the game’s website, you can finish some “quests” that will unleash ever more bits and bobs when the game releases based on how many people take part.

Puzzle Quest 3 will be released on smartphones on March 1st, with the opportunity to reach an initial PC on the same day.

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