R.I.P the Internet: With a Salt & Pepper Beard, Chris Pine Looks Like a Hollywood a-lister

Take a look at the most famous Chris, forever and ever. Chris Pine looks like he’s ditched his clean-shaven look for something a little grungier and I’m all for it.

The actor featured in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement was seen in Los Angeles on March 7 getting a cup of coffee. He was seen wearing shorts, workout tights, and shoes that look like slippers. Overall, he is giving off sleepy energy that he doesn’t want to be seen. But we couldn’t let Chris miss any appearances at any of our events, could we?

R.I.P the Internet
R.I.P the Internet

The best part of his whole look is, of course, the big changes in facial hair. In the same way, that good wine gets better with age, Chris is also getting better as he grows older. Pine, 41, has a new beard. His hair, which peeks out of his hood, looks long and grey.

Chris Pine’s Film “Poolman”

When Pine doesn’t leave the house for a while, it looks like he’s doing it on purpose. He will direct his first film, a mystery-comedy called Poolman, which he also stars in as “hapless dreamer and would-be philosopher.” In that case, he looks like he never leaves his backyard, so he’s doing a great job.

Because of this, people on social media are going crazy, and for good reason, too. Some fans wrote on social media “the Chris pine silver fox beard ain’t playing” .”How does Chris Pine keep getting exponentially hotter.” Some Chris Pine fan accounts also posted photos of his new look on Instagram, and the comments were filled with fire and heart-eye emojis on each one of them.

A lot of people are now saying that Pine can do whatever he wants. I’m not going to let anyone say bad things about Chris Pine. That being said, I will be getting a front-row seat to Poolman when it comes out in theatres.

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