When Will Ranking of Kings Season 2 Going To Release?

Anime lovers were enthralled by Ranking of Kings, a stunningly beautiful euro-fantasy-inspired narrative of a young deaf Prince that came out of nowhere at the end of 2021. The first season of this show was a true work of art in the field of current anime writing. It provided a sophisticated, provocative story about heroism (and what heroes look like) over the course of 23 episodes while keeping viewers guessing the whole time. Also, it’s very stunning.

With the first season behind us, what does the future hold for this show? Let’s start with the most difficult section first. The second season of Ranking of Kings has yet to be confirmed by either WIT Studio, the show’s Japanese production company, or Fuji TV, the show’s broadcaster. The show’s overwhelmingly excellent reaction (it has a 91 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes) and the subsequent rise in manga sales following the anime’s broadcast make us doubt this will last for long.

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Ranking of Kings Season 2 Plot

Season 2 of Ranking of Kings has yet to be announced, thus we don’t know which manga chapters will be adapted. If the second season does happen, we don’t know where it’ll go because of the absence of information. The only certainty we have is that the show’s heroes will continue their journey. Here’s a quick rundown of the show’s storyline.

There is a danger to the kingdom of Bosse. His Herculean strength, the founder’s legacy, and the young Prince Bojja’s profile are all in jeopardy due to his illness. From the knight to the peasant, he is the object of everyone’s scorn since he is deaf and dumb and cannot use a sword. According to the criteria used to rate monarchs by their ability to rule, if he takes on the role of king, his country will fall behind other monarchies in terms of authority. Daida, the youngest prince, has the most support from the people, according to this perspective.

Ranking of Kings Season 2 Cast

  • Prince Bojji – Minami Hinata (Japanese) / Emily Fajardo (English)     Japan-based voice actress Minami Hinata is best known for her work on the anime series Naruto. Axl One is one of her connections.
  • Kage – Ayumu Murase (Japanese) / SungWon Cho (English)  Ayumu Murase is a Japanese voice actor who works with VIMS, an agency that represents Japanese voice actors. His other residence is in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Queen Hilling – Rina Satō (Japanese) / Luci Christian (English)
  • Daida – Yûki Kaji (Japanese) / Justin Briner (English)
  • Naranjo – Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese) / Brianna Roberts (English)
  • Domas – Takuya Eguchi (Japanese) / A. J. Locascio (English)
  • Dorthe – Hinata Tadokoro (Japanese) / Brent Mukai (English)
  • Apeas – Hiroki Yasumoto (Japanese) / Luis Bermudez (English)
  • Bebin – Yōji Ueda (Japanese) / Christopher Wehkamp (English)
  • Despa – Takahiro Sakurai (Japanese) / Christopher R. Sabat (English)
  • King Desha – Yoshimitsu Shimoyama (Japanese) / Gabe Kunda (English)
  • King Bosse – Kenta Miyake (Japanese) / Cris George (English)
ranking of kings season 2
ranking of kings season 2

Ranking of Kings Season 2 Release Date

Who knows when everyone’s favorite boy-king will be back in season two? Consider how long it takes to receive the first batch of episodes to have a good idea of how long it would take to get the rest. The first season of Ranking of Kings covers the first 12 volumes (156 chapters) of the source manga, which is now referred to as ‘Part 1’.While author Ssuke Tka began writing the series in 2017, the first volume was released in February of this year, and the twelfth was released in December. To get to the point where he had enough information for the present adaption, Tka had to work on it for at least three years.

Part 2 will begin with the release of Volume #13, which falls in accordance with the one-volume-every-four-months schedule. The current chapter count in Ranking of Kings is 191. So it looks like fans will have to wait about two and a half years for a second season of the anime when Bojji has gone on enough adventures. If we’re hopeful, we can expect season two to premiere in late 2024. If WIT Studios opted to develop a 12-episode second season instead, this may happen sooner.

But hold on! On July 10th, 2022, the Tokyo International Forum will host a ‘Summer Festival Special Event,’ which anime fans like us are eager to attend. We wouldn’t be surprised if some type of statement about Bojji and Kage’s future was made at this event, which is now merely a celebration of Ranking of Kings with panels including the voice cast.

Ranking of Kings Season 2 Trailer

Now that you’ve read all we’ve written about Ranking of Kings Season 2, you’ve probably concluded for yourself that there won’t be a trailer. In order to have a trailer, we don’t know whether the show will be renewed for another season or not. However, given what we know so far, this doesn’t appear to be the most plausible scenario.

We’ve already stated that Ranking of Kings is a strong contender for a return. An anime adaptation is already in the works, but there is still enough of material for it in the ongoing manga series, which is always encouraging to hear. Still, we must wait and see if there are plans for a continuance before we can make an accurate forecast. However, Ranking of Kings is now taking a vacation until we learn more about the show’s future. It’s unlikely that a trailer for Ranking of Kings will be released this year or next. While we can expect a trailer in 2024 if a second season is confirmed sometime in 2023, the earliest we could see one is afterward is in 2025.


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