Rawson Marshall Thurber To Spearhead Flagship ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ TV Series For eOne

According to Deadline, eOne has made a substantial move in their project to create a media conglomerate for Hasbro by securing filmmaker Rawson Marshall Thurber to lead their Dungeons & Dragons tv series. The Red Notice director will supervise the modification of Wizards of the Coast’s immensely popular board game fantasy game, as well as continuing to develop a pilot episode and executive creating it.

The series was on eOne’s head since Hasbro bought them, and already has a slew of possible future streamers wanting to learn more.

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eOne’s Involvement With the Franchise

Rawson Thurber will write and produce the pilot script, as well as implement the hour-long venture, which has piqued the attention of multiple customers.

Thurber was managed to bring in to set the stage for the sequence as an A-list superpower, with eOne intending the show to be the start of a huge Dungeons and Dragons world. This first installment serves as the foundation for the spin-offs and another installment that will follow.

Dungeons & Dragons
Dungeons & Dragons

eOne has signed a deal with writer-director Rawson Marshall Thurber to oversee the creative direction of a market leader, a one-hour television show premised on the multiverse of Dungeons & Dragons (D & D), Hasbro’s immensely popular game series from Wizards of the Coast. Thurber will write, guide, and executive to generate the pilot script.

Having followed the initial implementation by Hasbro, eOne’s President of Global Television, Michael Lombardo, revealed Deadline in November that decision to release Dungeons & Dragons for television has become a major focus for the company.

“We don’t would like it to be only one show,” eOne’s President of Global Television Michael Lombardo told the officials. “So we’re building out, taking form out a multi-pronged strategic plan for television, numerous scripted shows and unrehearsed, and we certainly hope to be taking this out to the global market early next year.”

Officials Involved

The list of people implicated does not end with Thurber. Particle accelerator earlier has spoken with John Wick maker Derek Kolstad, who has authored an unreleased action series. Between Thurber and Kolstad, eOne’s Dungeons & Dragons universe will appear appealing to a number of streamers, though Netflix stands out as a major target given Thurber’s present relationship.

Thurber’s Red Notice eventually became Netflix’s self-proclaimed most popular movie, starring three of our generation’s greatest talents in Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot in an Ocean’s Eleven-style heist for the eras.

The on-demand assistant ended up going all-in on the film series, safeguarding the three stars and Thurber for two more films in the series, ensuring a humongous big box office popcorn storyline for the coming years. 

Thurber earlier wrote and directed Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and Central Intelligence, both of which starred The Rock and Kevin Hart.

Dungeons & Dragons is a foremost fantastical amusement franchise powered by the imaginations of storytellers all over the world. Since it was first authored 46 years ago, more than 50 million fans have continued to play Dungeons and Dragons, which include video games and Livestream entertainment on Twitch and YouTube.

eOne’s film division recently completed production on an unnamed feature film that was co-produced and financed by Paramount. The game will be distributed by eOne in the United Kingdom and Canada, and by Paramount in the rest of the globe.

Dungeons & Dragons fans have every right to look forward to in terms of television and film ideas based on the lovable role-playing game. The Legend of Vox Machina, which told the tale of the first advertisement of the famous role-playing flow Critical Role, was recently released on Prime Video.

There will also be a new eOne Dungeons & Dragons film from Paramount in March 2023, which completely covered filming in August.

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