Ray Liotta Cause of Death: Details on Goodfellas’ Actor

Ray Liotta, a legendary actor in the Hollywood industry, reportedly passed away at age 67. According to TMZ, the Goodfellas actor was in the Dominican Republic to shoot a new movie when he tragically passed away.

In the event of the passing of a well-known public figure, speculations about the cause of death are inevitable. Over his lengthy career, Ray amassed a devoted following of movie and TV watchers who appreciated his talents and cheered him on in life. So many people will miss him terribly.

Ray Liotta’s Cause of Death

There are currently few details available regarding Ray’s cause of death, typical with the announcement of high-profile deaths. TMZ quotes an unnamed source saying that Ray passed away peacefully in his sleep while filming the John Barr–directed thriller Dangerous Waters in the Dominican Republic.

No recent or ongoing health issues are mentioned on Ray’s personal Instagram account. Three weeks ago, the star announced a new film titled Cocaine Bear.

ray liotta cause of death
ray liotta cause of death

Ray Liotta is survived by his fiancée Jacy Nittolo and daughter Karsen. Ray wed Michelle Grace, an actress, and producer, in February of 1997. Karsen Liotta, the couple’s daughter, was born in December 1998. In 2004, Ray and Michelle’s marriage ended in divorce. At the age of 23, Karsen followed in her parent’s footsteps by becoming an actress in Hollywood. She had recurring roles in both Hubie Halloween and Shades of Blue.

Karsen posted a touching memorial to her late dad on Instagram on June 9. Karsen penned the following caption next to a childhood photo of her being held by Ray: “Those who knew him loved him. You are the best Dad anyone could ask for. I love you. Thank you for everything ❤️.”


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On Christmas Day of 2020, Jacy Nittolo, Ray’s fiancee, announced the couple’s engagement with an Instagram post. Images of Jacy and Ray smiling and having fun together can be found all over the public sections of both of their social media profiles. Sources tell TMZ that Jacy was with Ray in the Dominican Republic when he passed away.

Although we don’t know much at this point, our thoughts are with Ray’s family, friends, and fans worldwide as we wait for more information about his death.

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