Rebel Wilson Mother’s Day Photos: She Shows Off Adorable Pics of Her Daughter

Rebel Wilson will celebrate Mother’s Day with her two daughters. Wilson marked her first Mother’s Day as a parent by posting an intimate photo of herself and her 5-month-old daughter Royce to Instagram.

Wilson and her partner Ramona Agruma can be seen in the first of three adorable images holding baby Royce, who donned a beanie with bunny ears. A little child in a pink sweater and knit gray leggings sits on her mother’s lap, beaming.

In the second, Wilson and Royce are seen on a boat. Royce is wearing a cute pink and white polka-dot dress. In the third, Wilson and Royce lie on a towel beside the water while wearing their beach attire.


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The Pitch Perfect actress has shown off her newborn daughter Royce on social media before, but she always made sure to obscure her daughter’s face with an expression or GIF. In April, a drone video of the 43-year-old on a Caribbean beach with her newborn son Royce was the first time the world saw Royce’s face.

A wide image of the beach recedes on both sides of the mother and daughter as they glance up at the camera.


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Wilson came out to her then-girlfriend Agruma as pregnant via surrogate in November, months after they had first begun dating. They secretly engaged at Disneyland in February 2023 but haven’t told many people.

After Wilson and Agruma’s first surrogate miscarried in February, she opened out about their challenges on their journey to Royce’s birth.

“I tried with one surrogate to have the baby and sadly the embryo miscarried, which is really, like, you get so excited when it takes and luckily I didn’t make it public because that would have been even worse because you’d have to say it didn’t work out.

It was really sad,” Wilson said on the Life Uncut podcast. “I was mourning that at the time. But then to have a second embryo — I only had two — and to have it implanted and that to go well. It was amazing. I really do think it is a bit of a miracle.”

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