Ree Drummond Weight Loss: From Pioneer Woman to Weight Reduction Warrior!

American blogger, author, food writer, photographer, and television personality Anne Marie “Ree” Drummond resides with her husband on a working ranch outside of Pawhuska, Oklahoma. She was ranked No. 22 on Forbes’ list of the Top 25 Web Celebrities in February 2010.

The Pioneer Woman, Drummond’s blog where she regularly documents her life as a ranch wife and mother, won the Weblog of the Year honors at the 2009, 2010, and 2011 Annual Weblog Awards (The Bloggies). The Pioneer Woman, Drummond’s own television program, premiered on The Food Network in 2011.

This was done to cash in on the fame her blog had gained. She has further appeared on The View, The Chew, The Today Show, The Bonnie Hunt Show, and Good Morning America.

She has been highlighted in a number of publications, including Women’s Day, Southern Living, People, and Ladies’ Home Journal. She not only wrote cookbooks and children’s books but also an autobiography. We’ll talk about Ree Drummond’s weight loss in this piece.

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Ree Drummond Weight Loss

The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, has been extraordinarily open about her battle with weight. The 54-year-old describes how she reduced 55 pounds in less than a year without the use of diet medications or a strict eating plan after achieving her “highest weight ever” the previous year.

About a year ago, I made an informed choice to improve my diet. My one confidence was that I needed to begin; beyond that, I was completely at a loss. After years of creating publications, hosting culinary arts shows, running a restaurant and bakery, and maintaining a cooking website, the weight crept on and I stopped exercising regularly.

Ree Drummond Weight Loss

With the exception of walks with the dogs, I had essentially granted myself perpetual permission to “not have time” to work out due to obligations, schedule conflicts, and whatever other justification I could think of.

So I just knew I had to start last January when I was at my heaviest weight ever and my daughter’s wedding was just around the corner in May. She shed 55 pounds since last year. After She shed 43 pounds in June of last year. Here are more details about Ree Drummond Weight:

Ree wanted to be in shape for her daughter Alex’s wedding in 2021 because she had gained some weight over the years. Her main driving force was just feeling better and having more energy.

Ree didn’t employ a pricey personal trainer, she didn’t start a Keto or Paleo diet, and she didn’t adhere to any particular or stringent eating regimen. While many people find great success with those techniques, Ree chose a different path.

In 2019, Drummond praised her rowing machine, but more recently, she has been all about going for walks around her ranch. It’s been a fun type of exercise for the diva because she has her dogs at her side and a nice podcast.

She said in an Instagram post, ” One year ago, on a dark and stormy night, I decided it was time for me to change a few dang habits and try to get healthier. My kid was getting married a few months later, and also…I had no spring to my step and really wanted some. So toward the end of January 2021, I jumped right in. Last summer, I wrote a post about my experience up to that point, and considered writing another update in the fall…but then I decided I needed to wait a bit longer and learn a few more things. So I did wait, I did learn a few more things, and I just wrote a one-year update. You can find it on my blog (the link is in my profile and on my stories.) I’m not an expert in the slightest (on the contrary), but I hope you enjoy reading the approach I took (as well as the approach I didn’t take!) “

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