Release Date Status & Expectations for Constantine Season 2 (Updated News)

Welcome back fam! Today we are here discussing our all-time favorite movie with has created a craze among all the fans for a long time now. We are here discussing John Constantine this famous character of DC Comics has left his effect on every fan after the famous movies of Constantin.  And this is the only reason that he was a part of both animated and live-action movies for DC. 

So we are back here discussing all the recent updates about this favorite character of ours who is going to be back with one other adaptation called Constantine: City of Demons.  So what are you waiting for we have gathered everything you need to know about this upcoming series. Keep on reading further as we have mentioned the release date, plot, and everything else about this show. 

Constantine Season 2 Release Date

Recently it was announced that season 2 of Constantine is never going to return as it was terminated from NBC because of its poor ratings. The first 8 episodes were released on Friday at 10:00 p.m. in 2014.  After that, the series had been terminated because it didn’t do well in the entire season.

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All the young Centre fans of the Constantine were unable to watch this series being live on any other platform.  However, the program did a lot well afterward when the audience started watching the show through DVR or any other streaming platform.  However, NBC was very much certain about the decision as Constantine was very expensive to be back with such poor ratings.

The network had, later on, declined to produce the rest nine episodes for its first season, and later on, when the show was back after the winter break it was given a time of Friday at 8 p.m. During that time the show did not get most of the ratings of the audience.  Later on 8th May 2018, it was finally announced that Constantine had been canceled but this was just the beginning of a full-fledged war regarding the show.

Constantine Season 2 Everything you need to know about the show 

The story of Constantine started with the monster taking over a body of a Young girl called Astra.  The devil who had succumbed to the body of this girl was called Nergal.  Constantine would be very much knowledgeable and expertise in the art of exorcism. And knowing how to take these devil souls out of the bodies they have succumbed to. After this process, Chas Chandler would have found out about Constantine and had requested his help.

Constantine Season 2
Constantine Season 2

Chas Chandler’s daughter would be sleeping in a coma for a longer period of time.  Her name would be Tricia and when Constantin looked at her body she found out that something was wrong with Tricia and that her body has something to do with the Demons.

After looking into the situation for a while he found out that Tricia’s was soul would be succumbed by a demon called Beroul and the body which was lying in the hospital was just the body and nothing else. And he would have also found out that this devil must have done this to a lot of other people over there.

Further on while negotiating with Beroul she asked for a favor from Constantine.  He had asked Constantine to help him exorcise some of his demon business partners in return for the girl’s spirit.  Constantine had agreed to the deal but he had it’s his doubt as he was unable to trust the demon.

Later on, it was found out that Berol was hiding a secret and all is this into getting into the business deal with Constantine was because of his own business profits and not because he wished to release the soul of the girl.  And now Constantine was in a certain crisis to find out the spirit before it takes away the girl’s soul completely.

As the show was cut down in between a lot of the fans are still on hold about what has must happen next and we are still wondering if the show would be back with the rest nine episodes or not. If there is any update from the makers of the show we will update a column for you.  Until any further updates stay tuned with us for all such amazing news about your favorite shows and characters.

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