Resident Evil 4: Taking a Look at Its Little Anime Rules

The remake of Resident Evil 4 is being heavily promoted by developer Capcom in the lead-up to its release this week. Usually, such promotional efforts wouldn’t pique my interest, but the accompanying anime is too amazing to ignore.

The complete title isn’t exactly catchy“Resident Evil 4 Anime PV Resident Evil Masterpiece Theater—’ Leon and the Mysterious Village,’ EP 1″—but it does explain what it is. Despite its short length (56 seconds, including title screens), this game has been re-released 117 times and is still as much fun as ever.

Resident Evil 4

In case you were wondering where you’d seen that animation style before, it’s because, as the closing credits reveal, it was created by the legendary Japanese studio Nippon Animation, best known for their long-running series Masterpiece Theater (hence the name in this case), which featured short anime episodes based on adaptations of existing works each week.

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See Resident Evil 4 Anime PV Resident Evil Masterpiece Theater – “Leon and the Mysterious Village” EP 1 below!

The original Resident Evil 4 was released in 1996, and while the remake doesn’t come out until March 24, reviews for the game went public last week. For the 188th time, people are finding that, yes, Resident Evil 4 is a beautiful video game:

Out March 24 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, the Resident Evil 4 remake updates one of the best entries in Capcom’s long running survival horror series. Following in the footsteps of previous remakes for Resident Evil 2 and 3, the newest game still sees Special Agent Leon S. Kennedy sent to a Spanish village to rescue the President’s daughter from a weird cult. This time things are just much prettier, the controls and UI are more modern, and there’s some new content like additional side-quests.

A number of places like IGN have given the game perfect scores, and it currently sits at over 90 on Metacritic. At the same time, not everyone is under the remake’s spell. “Several smart changes; a few disappointing cuts,” tweeted Edge magazine’s deputy editor, Chris Schilling. “When it’s good it’s brilliant, but largely in the exact same ways as the original.”

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