Resident Evil 9 Release Date Status, Story DETAILS, And All Latest INSIGHTS

Welcome back Fam! Today we are here discussing the final installment of Resident Evil which is being rumored to be back as the modern Biohazard trilogy of Capcom’s. This part still consists of the Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village in it. So we are expecting that all the mysteries which have been left in those two series will be covered in this part.

This game series has not only been successful with all the fans but it has even attracted an entirely new audience as well. However, Capcom has maintained the balance of pleasing the fan and all the new Gamers of the show very efficiently.

So, if you are also wondering what this upcoming series contains we have covered everything for you.  Even though they are direct sequels, the last 2 games have significantly different tones. Unlike the first game in the series, which was inspired by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this series took a more sensational approach. However, the most important question that comes to everyone’s mind, and is when Resident Evil 9 will be released.

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Resident Evil 9 Release Date

Resident Evil Village was initially released on 7th  May 2021 which was almost after 4 years after the release of 1st game. Even though due to pandemics the game got delayed for a few more years, this information gives us a fair idea of the total time Capcom takes while developing these games.

As the pandemic isn’t entirely over, which also means that the Resident Evil 9 might be delayed to a certain extent. Even so, provided Capcom’s track record, the next installment is most likely to be released in the year 2024. As per reports, the game was under development since 2018 and undoubtedly this game has been under the longest development since it will release. 

Will the Game Be First-person or Third-person?

Resident Evil 9 will, without a doubt, is going to be a first-person horror title. In this case, Capcom has done an amazing job developing such a game. Although some fans would prefer the third-person perspective of the previous game. The Resident Evil remake of Capcom has been able to tailor all of these fans. Meanwhile, the advanced Resident Evil trilogy has allowed them to experiment and utilize new technology.

Resident Evil 9
Resident Evil 9

Resident Evil 9 Cast and Plot

If we talk about the characters of this game series then Ethan Winters is among the few video game lead characters who need a break. The poor guy would have his arm chopped off with just a chainsaw, was constantly brutalized by his in-laws always, and was further transformed into some sort of powerful fungus man to add insult to injury.

However, before he appeared to die, he managed to save his daughter from forces plotting to be using her as a horrible bioweapon. To be honest, the origin story of the game series is very deep and also a little crazy, and making predictions about where it would go next is practically impossible.

However, as previously stated, Rosemary would be alive, who would be possessing amazing abilities, and is under the control of a mysterious organization. We even know Resident Evil Village ended with the phrase that the story of the father is now finished.  What’s left unsaid is that the mother-daughter story continues. 

The finale of Resident Evil Village even showed that Rosemary is linked to Resident Evil 7  in some way, and also that the entire organization is extremely cautious of her. We further know that Chris Redfield, the series’ protagonist, is still present and likely checking up on things.

Nobody recognizes how everything will turn out, however, there are a few story details for Resident Evil 9 we could almost confirm. Umbrella Corporation, for starters, will indeed be engaged in some devious way. Second, a  fungal or viral infection is heading to cause havoc on players’ bodies. Eventually, Chris Redfield will appear to save everyone at some point.

The rest is yet to be confirmed.

On Which Platforms Will Resident Evil 9 Be Released?

Capcom has a history of not favoring any one company over another, and we don’t expect that to change now. As a result, Resident Evil 9 is expected to be released simultaneously on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S, However, like Capcom’s Resident Evil  ‘Maiden’ demo, there could be a  teaser that favored Sony.

However, given the anticipated release date of 2024, the game is unlikely to be released on previous-generation consoles like the  Xbox One and PS4.

So do let us know your views about all the games of Resident Evil and stay tuned with us only on for all such amazing updates about your favorite shows and characters.

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