Rick Ross Weight Loss: How Did The Rapper Lose 75 Pounds?

Rick Ross, a popular rapper, thought he was enjoying his life to the fullest when he weighed 350 pounds, slept for only three hours a night, and devoured 24-ounce steaks at four in the morning. But Ross’s lifestyle was actually killing him. Ross was forced to reassess everything in 2011 after he suffered two seizures within a span of six hours in the same year. Both times, his private jet was forced to make emergency landings as a result of the seizures.

So, what was the secret to his weight loss? In the following paragraph, we shall discuss about that further.

Rick Ross Weight Loss

Ross made significant lifestyle adjustments in response to the advice of his physician, which ultimately resulted in him shedding 75 pounds and saving his life.

Rick Ross Weight Loss: How Did The Rapper Lose 75 Pounds?

“I’m happy,” he tells Men’s Health in its September edition, which can be purchased at bookstores and other retail locations right now. “I’m still working on getting thinner, and I’ve noticed that I’m beginning to build some hard muscle in certain areas.” In order for Ross to successfully lose weight, he needed to take things slowly rather than attempt any quick fixes that wouldn’t last.

Here is the fb post related to his interview with Men’s Health:

“If I stopped doing everything that brought me joy in one fell swoop, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I reverted back to my old ways,” he adds.

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Instead, Ross decided to give himself permission to eat the greasy fast food from Checkers and Wingstop that he had always enjoyed, but only between the hours of midday and five o’clock in the afternoon, and only two or three days per week. And for the rest of his meals, Ross collaborated with a chef to develop nutritious dishes that he would actually be interested in eating. This allowed him to eat more of the foods that were good for him.

In addition to that, he began working out with a group of friends in order to boost his drive, and he eventually developed his very own version of CrossFit, which he refers to as “RossFit.” After going for a warm-up jog four times a week, Ross sets up five exercise stations with various exercises such as deadlifts and pushups, and he works his way through each station for a period of thirty minutes.

According to Ross, the most important thing was to locate routines and foods that he could truly look forward to doing. “My advice for anyone looking to lose weight is to not make it feel like a job,” he says.

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