Ride Hailing Firm Lyft Deploys 200 Long-Range EVs for its Rental Line in Colorado

Lyft is deploying 200 new long-range EVs for rideshare drivers as part of its Categorical Drive program, the firm revealed today. Express Drive is a program that Lyft offers to offer rental vehicles to drivers on its platform as an alternative to options like long-period leasing. Express Drive members get unlimited miles, in addition to included insurance, maintenance, and roadside service, with the ability to return the automobile after a rental period of as little as just a week.

These 200 new EVs will likely be out there to Express Drive Lyft drivers in December, and the rideshare firm says that that is “the biggest single deployment of EVs in Colorado’s history,” and there’s sound financial reasoning for the timing of Lyft’s deployment of this system. In May, Colorado Governor Jared Polis passed a bill into legislation that provides rental packages for rideshare operators with the same incentives that it offers consumers at the state level – up to $5,000 per car bought.

EV deployments of this nature have benefits throughout all aspects of the rideshare economy: Lower working costs for drivers are one quick effect, for example, and Lyft says that it has seen prices fall between $70 to $100 for drivers on average based mostly on existing EV fleet deployments in Seattle and Atlanta. For cities and residents, it’s very beneficial in terms of lowering net emissions ensuing from automobiles on the road.

The panel is still out on whether rideshare and ride-hailing packages finally decrease the total number of vehicles on the roads. Yet, when programs like this could expedite the adoption of EVs and ensure they symbolize a higher proportion of the mix of automobiles that are roaming on streets, that’s a net win.


Margaret Peterson

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