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The Ride the Bus Drinking Game Guidelines: Let the Fun Begin!

Ride the Bus Drinking Game

Ride the Bus Drinking Game

You know, 50 words that rhyme with “door” off the top of your head, can name more vegetables than you’ve ever eaten, and tell your buddies everything they’ve never done. You’ve played King’s Cup a lot too many times. It’s a fact.

Besides the traditional Ring of Fire, you can play other drinking games with a big group and a deck of cards. Take the bus, and enter. The game is pretty simple once you get going, although the rules appear hard on paper, so it’s perfect for players to learn as they go rather than watching from the sidelines. Below are the guidelines for the Ride the Bus drinking game.

Ride the Bus Drinking Game

Phase One: Dealing with the Cards

Round One:

The dealer is one of the participants. The dealer asks the first player, “Red or black?” after shuffling the deck and moving to the left. Nothing happens if the player correctly predicts whether the card is red or black; if incorrect, they sip from their beverage. Up until everyone has their first card, play goes around the circle.

Round Two:

Player One is now asked by the dealer, “Higher or lower?” With Ace being the highest, the player must indicate whether the upcoming card is higher or lower than the one they just received. Wrong guess? Drink. Everybody in the circle gets a second card after the play is complete. If the two cards are identical, the dealer chooses from the top of the deck again after shuffling the handed card back into the deck.

Round Three:

The dealer asks, “In-between or outside?” in the same manner as the previous two rounds, indicating whether the value of the upcoming card will fall inside or outside the space between the importance of the two preceding cards.

For instance, five would be “inside,” and a queen would be “outside” if your first two cards were a four and a nine. The dealer once more shuffles the dealt card and chooses from the top whether the card is identical to either of the boundary cards.

Round Four:

The dealer asks players to choose a suit for the last dealing round, giving them a one-in-four chance of avoiding a drink. If the player makes a wrong guess—which they almost certainly will—they drink. If they make a reasonable estimate, they are given five drinks to share with the other players, either by giving each one to a different opponent or piling all five sips onto one person.

Phase Two: Building the Pyramid

Participants gather and hold their four dealt cards in privacy. The dealer then arranges the face-down cards in a pyramid shape, starting with five cards at the base, then four in the following row, and ending with one card at the top. The number of drinks increases as you move up the pyramid, with the top card having the most value at five drinks or one shot of booze if you want to boost the ante.

The cards are turned over one at a time, beginning with the bottom row. The right to penalize another player with the number of drinks linked with that row is granted to anyone with a matching card and lays it on top. The number of cards set down in a row or on a single card is up to the player, who can decide how to distribute the earned beverages. The pyramid continues to be played.

Example: A player holds a four, and the dealer flips over a four on the second row of the pyramid. They lay down the four, earning two drinks to share among the group members or one person alone.

The choice to save their cards from matching them to a more excellent pyramid value is available to players. Yet, it’s a dangerous decision because if you have the most cards in your hand at the end of Phase Two, you must take the bus.

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Phase Three: Riding the Bus

Players compare how many cards they still have after the pyramid cards have been turned over and the last round of beverages has been served. They should have eliminated them all, ideally. They’ll probably still have some cards, though. The bus must be taken by the individual who has the most cards.

Note- The person with the highest value card must board the bus if two players have the same number of cards. Whoever controls the next highest card loses if both players have the same highest card.

Ten cards are dealt face down by the dealer. The dealer turns each card over one at a time. A number card has no effect, and the dealer moves on to the next card. The player riding the bus must consume alcohol if it is a face card or an ace: one drink for a jack, two for a queen, three for a king, and four for an authority.

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