Rihanna Wears Leggings and Heeled Boots in Paris Two Months After Giving Birth To Her First Child

Rihanna, 34, made another rare public appearance this past weekend at the Longchamps racecourse in Paris in support of A$AP Rocky. Pictures of the “Umbrella” singer arriving at Lollapalooza on July 17 to see Rocky perform show her wearing skintight black “pantaboots” by Balenciaga x Adidas.

The new mother also sported several strands of freshwater pearl necklaces and a long-sleeved green and blue athletic windbreaker by Martine Rose.

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Rihanna Wears Leggings and Boots In Paris

She accessorized her chic updo with large earrings and armfuls of rings. She wore dark, rich shades of lipstick and eyeshadow, sported sunglasses and a cell phone and seemed at ease as she made her way around the venue. Kim Kardashian has recently shown a strong preference for avant-garde outfits, such as the pantaboots she wore on Sunday.

Rihanna Wears Leggings Heeled Boots Paris Two Months After Giving Birth Her First Child
Rihanna Wears Leggings Heeled Boots Paris Two Months After Giving Birth Her First Child

Meanwhile, 33-year-old Rocky flashed his vibrant side onstage by wearing a rainbow-colored fuzzy cap and fuzzy, neon-green eyewear. He was also decked out in a pair of plaid pants and a funny tee shirt. Rihanna gave birth to a son on May 13, so her return to public view was less than two months after that event.

But while everyone else is waiting to meet the little guy with bated breath, his overprotective mother is taking her sweet time introducing him to the world.

After the birth of their child, Rihanna and her longtime boyfriend reportedly fell deeply in love with one another. “Rihanna has seen a whole different side of Rocky that she’s never known,” a close friend of Rihanna said. “She’s fallen even more in love with him since they welcomed their son into this world, and she cherishes every moment of seeing Rocky and their son bonding.”

“Rihanna knows how close Rocky is with his nieces and nephews, and so she was able to get a glimpse into what parenthood would be like with him, but it was never as perfect as things are now,” the source continued. “Rocky hasn’t left Rihanna’s side once, and he helps care for their son any way he can.”

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