A Doomsday Disaster, a Marriage Proposal, and a New Beginning: Riverdale Season 6 Finale Recap?

In Riverdale’s season finale, a deadly comet threatened to change everything, and it did. and from now on, Archie and his pals can expect nothing but change.

As a refresher: Percival has launched a comet straight for Riverdale and sealed the city off with a force field to boot. “I’m so glad I moved here as a sophomore,” Veronica says. Since Archie is set on finding a way past the force field, and Cheryl believes she knows someone who can reverse Percival’s spells, they decide to work together to find a way around the field.

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Huh, it’s Sabrina once more. Instead, they consult Cheryl’s ancestor Abigail Blossom, who says that the icy comet can be melted by her granddaughter’s phoenix-like wrath.

Riverdale Season 6 Finale Recap

Cheryl explains to the group that she can melt the comet but that doing so could drain all of her abilities, which could lead to the deaths of everyone she has brought back from the dead. (You know, like half the cast, Archie, Jughead, Toni, Fangs.) She also makes a request of Toni: that the two of them grant Abigail and Thomasina possession of their bodies so that they may spend one more night together “in carnal form.” 

To put it bluntly, she was possessed. She gives in, and Cheryl and Toni willingly give up their bodies so that Abigail and Thomasina can enjoy some sexual fun on their dime. And then, Archie’s mom shows up for a visit, which is extremely bad timing, and he tells Veronica he wants to propose to Betty (!) and needs her help finding a ring. The world is ending, so it’s probably not the best time to ask your ex-girlfriend for a ring to propose to your new girlfriend.

We may not have much time, but I know what I want to do with it,” Archie says as he gets down on one knee to propose to Betty in private. I want to get married to you. She responds with emotion but then reminds him that a comet is headed straight for their town. She recalls that when they were young, he asked her to marry him, but she told him to come back to ask again when they were adults. The only way to find out is to “ask me again after Cheryl melts that comet,” and life returns to normal.

Riverdale Season 6 Finale Recap
Riverdale Season 6 Finale Recap

That’s something he can deal with… and is more resolved than ever to dismantle the barrier. Furthermore, after Abigail and Thomasina leave their bodies, Cheryl and Toni wake up in bed together with no recollection of the events that transpired (or do they? Percival’s force field can be destroyed if Cheryl can untangle the rope Abigail gives her, which has a thousand knots in it.

In their final hours together, Tabitha and Jughead watch Titanic (which Jughead has never seen but is one of Tabitha’s favorite movies), and Jughead tries to convince Tabitha to accept Alexandra Cabot’s offer to franchise Pop’s so that it can expand across the country.

Since Tabitha can travel through time, they also have a final date that spans their entire lives together, complete with children and old age. Betty declines when offered the opportunity to work alongside Agent Drake in the FBI’s serial killer division, claiming that she is “moving towards the light.” Also, she has a change of heart and eventually pops the question to Archie, who enthusiastically accepts. (Aw!) Furthermore, Heather dumps Cheryl because she sees that she and Toni are a “forever soulmate pair.” (Whoa!) And Veronica gives Reggie the casino keys.

Veronica gathers the group together to share her plan: since her ability allows her to absorb the energy of others, she plans to use it to strengthen Cheryl before the big comet showdown in the hopes that the resurrected won’t perish a second time. Using Percival’s magic dagger, they all cut their palms and join hands, then Veronica kisses Cheryl to transfer her powers to her. Cheryl suddenly has the ability to see auras, become impervious to bullets, and read minds. She’s got some serious firepower!

After teleporting through a wormhole, she hears the residents of Riverdale singing Billie Eilish‘s “The End of the World” as a comet hurtles toward Pop’s diner. To stop the approaching comet, Heather untangles the rope, and Cheryl levitates while chanting a spell.

What transpired, then? The plan succeeded, as Jughead explains; Cheryl protected them from the comet, and everyone in Riverdale lived to tell the tale. There is a slight visual distinction, though: After donning his letterman jacket, Archie heads downstairs for breakfast to hear the tragic news that James Dean has passed away.

What?! There is no doubt that Cheryl’s actions have resulted in a time travel to 1955, where they find themselves back in high school. Jughead, decked out in his classic crown beanie, considers, “Maybe to survive, we had to go back to a simpler time.” in addition to being the sole survivor of the pre-comet era, he is also the only person in town who can recall it.

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