Riverdale’ Season 6 Part 2 Release Date Status: Is Series Confirmed This Year!

Welcome back Fam! Today we are here discussing our all-time favorite show that is Riverdale.  After taking a long mid-season break this very famous show or we can tell the mystery drama of teenagers is finally going to be back with a lot more drama for us.  This show is going to be back in March with all-new episodes and we don’t even have to say these fans are completely going Gaga over this. 

As of now, we have seen all the fans putting up their expectations in the comments saying what they are expecting from this amazing show. All of the fans are wondering how this new episode is going to take a turn in the story and everyone has very high expectations from the second part 2 of season 6.

As we all know there have been certain incidents in part 1 of season 6 and all the fans are wondering what will happen next. So we have gathered every information for you and your wait is finally over. Keep on reading further as we have mentioned everything you need to know about part 2 of Riverdale season 6.

Riverdale Season 6 Part 2 Release date

Part 2 of Riverdale season 6 was released on 20th March 2022 on the CW channel. The episodes of the show are released every week on Wednesday, on Netflix UK.  The announcement of the show has been made by Archie Comics on their social media handles where they had shared an image of the cast of season 6 and wrote the caption #Riverdale season 6 will be back with new episodes starting from Sunday 20th March on CW. 

This season has started with the amazing 5 episodes while the rest of the episodes will be released soon which is on every Wednesday.  The first half of season 6 was released on CW on 16th November 2021. After that, the eighth season of the Flash’s “Armageddon”  was released in an event. This show also had a special 5 Episode release event with the title of Riverdale.

Riverdale Season 6 Part 2 Trailer

As of now, there is no official trailer for this season yet. However, a small video clip was shared by the main account of Riverdale to create excitement around Part 2 Season 6 of Riverdale.

Riverdale' Season 6 Part 2
Riverdale’ Season 6 Part 2

Riverdale Season 6 Part 2 Plot

The first five episodes of season 6 were completely dedicated to Cheryl and the Magical spell. This spell had made the town experience the name change with all the cast of the characters and also stay unaffected by the spell until all the things started getting weird. In the second part of the season we are expecting to see what would have happened next without affecting the first part of the show and we are sure that the entire season is going to focus on this on similar events and the fights to save the soul of Riverdale

In an interview held in August 2021, the creator of the show Robert Aguirre-Sacasa shared that many new friendships and relationships of the fifth season will still continue to Bloom in the sixth season. He also added that they are definitely adding on a lot of emotional relationship stories in the sixth season. A lot of relationships and friendships must have gathered at the end of the fifth season which will continue in the 6 season. 

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As of now, it is not so easy to know what the exact list would be for the upcoming season as Chris O’Shea has recently joined the cast as Percival Pickens. He would be a grandson of general Pickens and must have planned to turn the Riverdale into a complete Utopia. We are expecting that he might cause problems for the entire town and especially for Cheryl, Archie, and Alice.

Riverdale Season 6 Part 2 Cast

For the sixth -season we are expecting all the main characters to be back in part 2 who were present in part 1. As the story is going to continue from where part 1 has ended.  However, it would be very difficult for the show continues without having its four main characters that are Archie (by KJ Apa), Betty( by Lili Reinhart ), Veronica (by Camila Mendes ), and Jughead( by Cole Sprouse). So they are going to be back for the season as well.  While all the other characters are going to be back Cole would be a wild card entry for this part of the show.

Chris O’Shea has recently joined the cast and would be playing the role of Percival Pickens. The father of Veronica Hiram Lodge played by Mark Consuelos has left the show completely as per the reports.  The finale of the fifth season was the last for him in the show and he has not been back for the sixth season yet.

All the fans of Riverdale are very much thrilled and excited to watch how part 2 of season 6 turns out and how all these characters are going to come up with various ways to save Riverdale and the soul of the town, Now we are waiting to watch what all problems will they face and how will this work out for all the citizens of the town, As the first episode of the season has been released so go and watch the episode and let us know in the comments below your views about the same. Till then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite shows and characters.

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