Road House Reboot Cast, Plot and Release Date Status

The original film was released in 1989, and proved a modest box office hit for Swayze. in the years since its release, however, ‘’Road house’’ has become revered as a staple of the era as fans young and old continue to revel in its absurdist B-movie charms, with studio bosses no doubt looking to capitalize on its enduring popularity.

At present, there aren’t many concrete details surrounding the ‘’Road house’’ reboot, but a few juicy nuggets are being dangled about the project. Here’s everything we know so far about the ‘’road house’’ reboot.

With reboot remake and reimagining mania continuing to sweep Hollywood, studios are starting to make some perplexing choices about which past hits are being resurrected for fresh runs at the multiplex and as it is, many of the more perplexing cinematic revisits announced surround possible fresh takes on to 1980’s hits like ‘’labyrinth’’, ‘’the great outdoors’’.

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Now it seems you can add other classic eighties flick to that list, as the deadline is reporting a remake of Patrick Swayze’s deliciously sleazy actioner ‘’road house’’ is now in the works. As noted in that deadline report, this is not the first time MGM has tried to reboot ’’Road house’’ for modern audiences.

The studio was eyeing a gender-swapped version of the film a few years back as a vehicle for Olympic medalist, MMA champion, and professional wrestler Ronda Rousey. That version of the film never really took shape, however, the current iteration looks to be a more straightforward remake of the original.


While the film is likely a long- way from heading before cameras, it seems MGM is hot to get the production off the ground. So much so, they are now meeting with writers to touch up a screenplay previously written by Anthony Bagarozzi and Charles Mondry.

With producers looking down a major name for the ‘’road house’’ reboot’s director’s chair, Deadline is also reporting that a major star is circling the lead in the film. That star is none other than Jake Gyleenhaal, who’s transformed himself from child star to one of the cinema’s most revered actors in his now decades-long career.

He’s done so by continuing to mix turns in lauded low-budget fare with major studio projects and it’s safe to say his fans would love to see him appear in a slight off-brand project like’’ road house’’.

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Those of you who didn’t come of age in the eighties, and have somehow managed to not see ‘’road house’’ on cable in the three decades since its release, might be wondering what all the fuss is about to answer that question, the original film found Patrick Swayze Potraying Dalton, as an enigmatic, tough as nails big city ‘’cooler’’ who’s lured to a small town in Missouri to clean up a particularly rowdy roadside watering hole.

Once there, Dalton finds the job tougher than expected as a sinister local magnate who controls most of the town’s business doing’s doesn’t much like the way he operates. A hyper-violent intimidation campaign promptly ensures with Dalton and his new brawling barroom buddies face off against a rogue’s gallery of small-time hoods to keep their dreams of booze-house glory alive.

Yes, the film is often every bit as silly as that synopsis sounds. But it is rendered with such obvious affection and steadfast devotion by Swayze and everyone involved, it’s all but impossible not to be won over by its charms.

It remains to be seen how much of that original plot the reboot might include, but if it says true enough to the original concept, the new ‘’road house’’ flick will undoubtedly prove every bit as fun.

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