Robert Sarver Net Worth 2022: How much is Phoenix Mercury worth?

Robert Sarver net worth: American businessman and sports club owner Robert Sarver is worth millions. Before becoming the owner of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns, Robert Sarver acquired a fortune via the construction of several banks.

In addition to his role as Suns’ general manager, he is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Sarver Heart Center in Tucson. In December of 2022, Robert sold the Suns to a group of investors headed by mortgage tycoon Mat Ishbia for a reported $4 billion. Mat’s brother and self-made millionaire Justin Ishbia allegedly chipped in on the acquisition. In this article, we were talk about Robert Sarver Net Worth.

The 35% stake in the Suns that Robert Sarver possessed before to the sale brought in a pretax profit of $1.4 billion for him. The price that Justin and Mat paid to acquire full ownership of Sarver’s stake is reportedly $1.4 billion. The total price of the squad was more than $4 billion, thus it was impossible to buy them all. Let’s dig deep into Robert Sarver Net Worth.

Robert Sarver Net Worth 2022

Robert Sarver Net Worth
Robert Sarver Net Worth

So, What is Robert Sarver Net Worth? Robert Sarver has accumulated an estimated personal wealth of $800 million as a consequence of his life’s work. Sarver is not only a successful businessman, but he also owns a professional sports team. Sarver established the National Bank of Tucson in 1984. It was then renamed the National Bank of Arizona and extended to cover the whole state. Sarver and Millard Seldin founded Southwest Value Partners in 1990.

In 1994, he sold the National Bank of Arizona, the state’s biggest independent bank, to Zions Bancorporation. Robert Sarver is a multimillionaire American businessman and owner of a sports club. Robert Sarver amassed a fortune by building many banks before becoming the owner of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns. In addition to managing the Suns, he serves on the Board of Trustees at the Sarver Heart Center in Tucson, Arizona.

When Robert sold the Suns to a group of investors led by mortgage tycoon Mat Ishbia in December 2022, they were valued at $4 billion. According to rumors, Justin Ishbia, Mat’s brother and self-made billionaire contributed financially to the purchase. Robert Sarver owned 35% of the Suns before to the sale, resulting in a $1.4 billion pretax profit from the transaction. Justin and Mat most likely paid $1.4 billion to purchase sole control of Sarver’s portion. As a result, $4 billion was insufficient to purchase the whole team.
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Robert Sarver Early Life

Robert Sarver is a multimillionaire American businessman and sports club owner. Robert Sarver, the current owner of the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association, made his money in the banking industry. Beyond his role as Suns GM, he is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Sarver Heart Center in Tucson.

In December 2022, Robert sold the Suns for about $4 billion to a group of investors led by mortgage tycoon Mat Ishbia. Self-made millionaire and brother of Mat, Justin Ishbia, is said to have helped finance the deal. Robert Sarver made a pretax profit of $1.4 billion on the sale of his 35% stake in the Suns. Justin and Mat, we hear, shelled out $1.4 billion to acquire 100% of Sarver’s shares. The price tag on the team was above $4 billion, making it impossible to buy every member.

Thanks to his success in life, Robert Sarver is now worth an estimated $800 million. In addition to his commercial acumen, Sarver is also the proud owner of a professional sports team. In 1984, Sarver founded the National Bank of Tucson. Bank of Arizona changed its name to National Bank of Arizona to better represent its statewide reach.

Robert Sarver Career

Sports Ownerships

Robert is a passionate basketball fan, and he and a group of investors paid $400 million to purchase the Phoenix Suns in 2004. At his most powerful, he controlled 35% of the squad. He also owns the Women’s National Basketball Association’s, Phoenix Mercury.

In 2016, Robert Sarver invested more than $20 million to purchase RCD Mallorca, a Spanish second-tier club.

During his tenure as Sun’s owner, he has been widely chastised for his purportedly “penny-pinching” management techniques and his supposedly intrusive ownership style, which has reportedly generated internal turmoil and instability.

Robert Sarver Suspension and Fine

After an investigation found that Robert Sarver had used the “N-word” at least five times, the NBA suspended him for a year and fined him $10 million in September 2022. The research concluded that Sarver’s usage occurred while he was “recounting the comments of others,” and that it was not driven by hate.

In the research written by Baxter Holmes and based on interviews with more than 70 current and former Phoenix Suns employees, Sarver and other members of the front office were also accused of racist and sexist behavior. He agreed that a thorough investigation into the allegations was warranted.

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Robert Sarver Personal Life

Robert Sarver’s wife’s name is Penny Sanders. His marriage to Penny took place in 1996. They met for the first time in 1991. Their three boys are Maax, Zach, and Jake. Robert and Penny are involved in a variety of voluntary activities. They’ve been donating to the Heart Center since 1998.

Accusations that Robert maintained a hostile and toxic work environment inside his workforce for 17 years have recently made headlines. For his part in deterring women from trying out for the WNBA’s Mercury team, he has been accused of sexism, racism, and sexism.

Robert is also accused of interfering with his coaches, which he fiercely denied in a statement released roughly two weeks ago. The NBA is now investigating him and the Phoenix Suns for allegedly creating a hostile work environment for women


Robert Sarver has an $800 million fortune and earns $25 million per year as of the year 2022. Robert Sarver averaged $8,000 in weekly salary, $32,000 in monthly salary, and $4,000,000 in annual salary over his career. After sinking $400 million into the Phoenix Suns, his franchise is now worth $1.55 billion.

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