Who Is Rodolfo Salas Wife? A Love Story That Started in 2012!

Rodolfo was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, on May 3, 1983. Rodolfo J. Salas-Auvert and Sylvia Zubillaga have two more children besides the Venezuelan artist. Indeed, the Netflix celebrity grew up alongside his brothers Carlos Salas and Maria Evangelina. The Adriana Barraza Acting Studio has taught acting to Rodolfo.

He earned a specialization in Film Theatre and TV from Luz Columba and trained with Rubén Morales in acting and accents. Hector Zavaleta’s workshops were also attended by him. Due to his portrayal of Daniel Valencia in “Betty en NY,” Rodolfo has developed a strong reputation in the entertainment industry.

He also became well-known for playing Dr. Arturo Molina in the TV movie “Médicos, Lnea de Vida.” With the songs “El Sexo Sentido” and “Qué clase de amor!” Rodolfo established his career in 2009. However, he moved to the USA in 2014 and started working for Telemundo. He took on the role of Oscar in ‘La Fan’ without delay.

The well-known movies “Mariposa de Barrio,” “Sangre de mi Tierra,” and “Mi Familia Perfecta” are only a few of Rodolfo’s other productions. A second connection he made was with Televisa thanks to “Betty en NY.” It’s interesting to note that Rodolfo has a variety of occupations besides acting.

He is well known for his modelling skills and has worked with many organizations in this capacity. Rodolfo, who currently resides in Miami, Florida, has a sizable fan base with more than 350 thousand Instagram followers. Here in this post, we will discuss Rodolfo Salas’s Wife.

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Rodolfo Salas Wife

Rodolfo and Alaikari “Alai” Aldecoa de Salas are a contented couple as of this writing. They started dαting in 2012, and in November 2014, they got married. Their admirers are continually anxious to learn as much as they can about them, and many people enjoy their friendship.

Rodolfo Salas Wife

Alai is the vivacious CEO of Alma Athleisure Wear, a collection of apparel that combines athleticism with grace and beauty. The husband and wife both work for CoreMotif, where Rodolfo is a manager and Alai a coach. Actually, the company was started by Rodolfo and his siblings.

In an Instagram post, Rodolfo shared a photo and said, “Words can hardly describe the love, joy, and happiness that you bring to the lives of those of us who love and love you, beautiful mother. I wish you all that and much more on your birthday and in your life. I love you and I fall short 😍”


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Alai and Rodolfo are parents of two kids together. Sebastian is their son, and Emilia is their oldest daughter. The former was born in September 2013 and brought into the world in December 2016. Emilia usually exercises alongside her mother in the happy family’s close-knit environment.

The happiness of this family is surely encouraging to Rodolfo fans, and we wish them nothing but the best in the future. On Mother’s Day, Rodolfo shared a picture and a captioned Mother’s Day.

Alaikari “Alai” Aldecoa de Salas, Rodolfo’s wife, and he are blessed with a happy marriage. In actuality, the two have been partners for nearly ten years and have two children together. Here is an Instagram post with his wife and kids and the caption of the post is, “Christmas 2022 ✨”


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