Roland Orzabal Net Worth: How Rich Is The Record Producer?

Roland Orzabal Net Worth

British musician, composer, and record producer Roland Orzabal has a net worth of $40 million. Roland Orzabal Net Worth has increased gradually. Roland Orzabal is a co-founder of the English pop-rock band Tears for Fears and a former member of the group.  He is the only member of Tears for Fears who has appeared on every album, from 1983’s “The Hurting” to 2022’s “The Tipping Point.” Orzabal has also written a romantic comedy novel and put out a solo record.

In 1983, they published their first full-length album, The Hurting. The album was certified Platinum in the UK and Gold in the US. When it was released in 1985, Songs from the Big Chair went straight to the top of the charts in the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands, and it also peaked at number two on the charts in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. In Canada, the album was certified 7x Platinum, in the United States, it was certified 5x Platinum, and in the United Kingdom, it was certified 3x Platinum. All of these have contributed to Roland Orzabal net worth.

The Seeds of Love, their third album, debuted at No. 1 in the UK and made it into the Top 10 in the United States, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, and Italy in 1989. Both “Shout” and “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” were #1 on the US Billboard 200 hits for the band, and both songs are frequently heard in commercials, TV shows, and movies even today.

Over 30 million albums have been sold by Tears for Fears, including over 8 million in the United States alone. Orzabal’s 2001 studio album Tomcats Screaming Outside was his first foray into a solo career. 2014 saw the release of his novel Sex, Drugs, and Opera. He is a two-time Ivor Novello Award winner for songwriting. Below is everything we know about Roland Orzabal Net Worth.

Roland Orzabal net worth
Roland Orzabal net worth

Early Life

Roland Orzabal’s birth date is stated as August 22, 1961. His birth name was Roland Jaime Orzabal de la Quintana. His ancestors hail from both Spain and Argentina. Orzabal spent his childhood in Havant and Bath. He attended Culverhay School and became a member of the Zenith Youth Theatre Company in his previous community. Orzabal began composing music at an early age.

Tears for Fears

Tears for Fears have skyrocketed Roland Orzabal net worth. Orzabal co-founded the pop rock band Tears for Fears in 1981 with Curt Smith, and the band has been incredibly successful for both of them. Similar to other new wave synth bands of the time, Tears for Fears found creative motivation in the writings of psychologist Arthur Janov. The band is led by Orzabal, who also plays the guitar, sings lead, and writes much of the music. Tears for Fears’ first album, 1983’s “The Hurting,” was a big success, peaking at number one on the UK Albums Chart and spawning the songs “Mad World,” “Change,” and “Pale Shelter.”

The band’s second album, 1985’s “Songs from the Big Chair,” peaked at number one on the US Billboard 200. Additionally, it spawned two number-one singles in the United States, “Shout” and “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” and in 1989, Tears for Fears released “The Seeds of Love,” which topped the UK Albums Chart and produced the hits “Sowing the Seeds of Love,” “Woman in Chains,” and “Advice for the Young at Heart.”

Smith and Orzabal had a falling out and broke up in 1991, despite the commercial success of their band. Orzabal continued to use the Tears for Fears name throughout the ’90s, releasing the albums Elemental’ and ‘Raoul and the Kings of Spain. Orzabal and Smith made up somewhere around the turn of the millennium.

Solo Career Which Contributed To Roland Orzabal Net Worth

In 2001, Orzabal released a self-titled solo album to critical acclaim. Alan Griffiths not only played guitar and keyboards on the album but also helped produce it. “Low Life” was released as the debut single from “Tomcats Screaming Outside.”

Producing Career

Orzabal is most known as a producer for his work with vocalist and pianist Oleta Adams, whom he discovered. He collaborated with her on the hit album “Circle of One” and its first single, “Rhythm of Life,” which was released in 1990.

Orzabal co-produced the album “Love in the Time of Science” by Emilana Torrini, an Icelandic singer-songwriter. Two songs on the CD, “Wednesday’s Child” and “Baby Blue,” were co-written by him.


Orzabal released his debut novel, a romantic comedy titled “Sex, Drugs & Opera,” in 2014. The novel follows the story of a middle-aged pop star named Solomon Capri, who decides to take part in the reality TV show “Popstar to Operastar” in an effort to revive his career and save his failing marriage. Some books also affected Roland Orzabal net worth.  Roland Orzabal net worth is 40 million dollars.

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