Roller Champions, A Long-Awaited Game from Ubisoft, Will be Released Next Week

In May 2022, Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft will release Roller Champions, a free-to-play sports game that will be available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

French computer and video game publisher Ubisoft (Formerly known as Ubi Soft until 2003, when the space was dropped) operates from Montreuil-sous-Bois, France. More than 20 countries are host to the company’s facilities, although Canada is the most well-known, with development studios located throughout Montreal and Québec City.

During Ubisoft’s press conference at E3 2019, they announced the game’s development.

An alpha demo was provided via Uplay from June 10 to June 14 for those who were interested.

For Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and mobile devices, Ubisoft announced the game’s development.

Though originally scheduled for release in early 2021, the game was later pushed back to May 25, 2022.

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It is a three-on-three, third-person sports game in which players compete against each other. In this game, two teams of players battle to score five points in seven minutes by kicking the ball into the goal of the opposing team.

It is necessary to skate at least one lap without being interrupted by opponents before a player can score. The ball can be passed to other teammates to finish subsequent laps.

Increasing the number of laps a player completes, increases their points per goal, but this progress is lost if the player is stopped by an opponent. A team’s opponents must be tackled and knocked down if they have the ball, but such attacks can be avoided.

Roller Champions
Roller Champions

Players can compete in matches with larger crowds if they win a match and get more followers. A wide variety of cosmetic items are available for players and spectators alike to personalize their avatars and gear.

Ubisoft’s Roller Champions Release Date

The release date for Ubisoft’s game was announced this week. As of today, the free-to-play roller derby PvP experience is set to be released on May 25th on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

It will be available on the Nintendo Switch, Stadia, and mobile platforms in the future. This announcement comes following a teaser in late April from Ubisoft, which stated that the game has gone gold after a delay from a few months ago.

A cinematic teaser revealing the game’s launch plans officially confirmed the release date on Wednesday. As soon as the game launches, Ubisoft will begin its “Kickoff Season” of content.

Even though it has been playable in various capacities over the years via tests prior to its premiere, the release has been long overdue. A postponement in March 2022 was due to “every possible scenario” being examined and it was determined that more development time was required.

The developers noted that they appreciated the ongoing support but that the postponement was unavoidable at the time.

“We are hard at work for the wait to be worth your confidence in Roller Champions as the game is getting closer to launch every day,” the announcement about the delay said. “We know that many of you have been following the development of the game for a while now and to showcase our appreciation of your continued support, we wanted to make sure you get this news first: Roller Champions will be releasing this late spring.”

Additionally, the game’s devs were on hand to answer questions about the game’s upcoming release date. Additionally, a set of patch notes were issued to show what has changed since the game’s been playable until its full debut, which will coincide with the Kickoff Season.

On May 25th, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC users can download and play for free.

Roller Champions Cinematic Teaser

A short teaser video revealing the release date was released by Ubisoft. The trailer takes us back to the world, where two teams of three try to get a ball through a ring in a circular arena to score points.

Players can, however, boost their points by running the ball around the arena. The ball can be stolen in a variety of ways by the opposition. If you haven’t watched the video as of now, you can check it out below.

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