Ruby Franke Divorce: Did Famous YouTubers Separate With Each Other?

People frequently inquire about the status of the marriage of YouTube stars Ruby Franke and Kevin Franke. Fans of the YouTubers wanted to know if Ruby and Kevin Franke are divorcing or not? Ruby and Kevin maintain a Youtube channel called “8 Passengers.”

Read this post to learn more about Ruby Franke and Kevin Franke if you’re also curious about if they’re getting divorced.

Ruby Franke Divorce

The majority opinion is that Kevin and Ruby Franke divorced. According to Thetimes website, the absence of Kevin and his family from the media led to the claim that Chad and Shari had broken off their relationship with the family, which fueled the story’s expansion. Ruby, 40, and Kevin, 43, had been working on the popular YouTube channel eight Passengers for the past few years with their six kids, Shari, Chad, Abby, Julie, Russell, and Eve.

Ruby Franke Divorce: Did Famous YouTubers Separate With Each Other?

Because the couple hasn’t discussed their divorce, internet users presume it is legal based on their silence. Why he hasn’t posted as frequently to the Moms of Truth Facebook page and why he hasn’t uploaded anything with his family this entire summer is being questioned online.

Additionally, a lot of people have noticed that Ruby never wears her wedding band in videos. In December 2021, when he spent the day with the kids preparing all the driveways in their area, Kevin was last spotted on Ruby’s Instagram.


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Therefore, the answer to the question of whether Ruby Franke and Kevin Franke divorced is No. And their social media accounts are simply inactive. Other than that, the couple has not publicly announced their split in the media.

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The mother of the family is a popular YouTuber who appears on the channel 8 Passengers, which has more than 2.3 million subscribers. Many of the movies showed the mother taking care of her kids while the rest of the family went about their everyday lives.

Her mother started the tradition of going shopping for her birthday. A music video for the song “Beauty in the Simple Life,” which her family uploaded in November 2018, has racked up over 3 million views. Her parents are the pair of Griffiths. Her and her husband Kevin’s children go by the names Chad, Abby, Julie, Russell, Eve, and Shari. Our website will be updated with new information. Use our website to stay current.

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