Who is Rufus Sewell Wife and How Many Children does He Have?

It’s likely that a photo of British actor Rufus Sewell will appear next to the word “debonair” in the dictionary. Rufus portrays a retired diplomat named Hal Wyler in his new movie, The Diplomat, where he supports his wife Kate (Keri Russell) when she takes on the post of U.S. ambassador to the U.K.

Given his convincing portrayal of a spouse on the Netflix show, one has to question whether Rufus is in fact married in real life. Learn about the British actor’s background and personal life right here.

Who is Rufus Sewell Wife?

Rufus Sewell has been married twice previously, however he is presently unattached. How long did Rufus’ marriages last, and who were his previous wives?

Rufus Sewell Wife

In 1999, Rufus tied the knot with Yasmin Abdallah, an Australian entrepreneur and fashion designer. The marriage didn’t endure and the two were no longer together by the year 2000. (In hindsight, Yasmin confesses to being a bit “messed up,” which is supposedly why the marriage ended, as reported by The Daily Mail.)

Yasmin and Rufus were married again four years after his first divorce. This time around, the honoree was Amy Gardner, whose film credits include Virtually Single and Everything I Ever Wanted to Tell My Daughter About Men. Gardner has worked in Hollywood as both a writer and a director.

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How many children does Rufus Swell have?

Their son, William Douglas Sewell, aged 21, is the only child to come from Rufus and Amy’s brief marriage (2004-2006). William is Rufus’s only kid. But he’s been married to hairdresser Ami Komai for a long time, and they have a kid. Ami gave birth to their daughter Lola in 2013. After how long had Ami and Rufus been d@ting?

Rufus Sewell Wife

Ami and Rufus have reportedly been dating since 2009. They may or may not still be dating in 2023, but neither Ami nor the Instagram post in which Rufus tagged her can be found.

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