Russell Crowe Weight Gain: The Actor is in Denial About His Weight Gain

Russell Crowe Weight Gain has been trending on the social media from quite some time now. The Gladiator actor has been seen gained weight that much that he has been unable to recognize. How did he gain so much weight? Well, we will try to have a look behind the reasons of his weight gain in the next paragraph.

Russell Crowe Weight Gain

According to sources close to the actor, Russell Crowe has been in “denial” about his massive weight gain in the years following his shredded and bulked-up performance in Gladiator in the year 2000.

An old video of Russell Crowe Talking about his weight gain:

In 2019, the Hollywood heartthrob, who is now 59 years old, will play Fox News top brass Roger Ailes. It is well known that he has gained weight for this role.

Russell Crowe Weight Gain: The Actor is in Denial About His Weight Gain

Insiders allege that his waistline has progressively expanded since then, adding that he is completely satisfied with his figure and brushes off any criticism stating differently. Since then, his girth has slowly risen, insiders claim.

The tweet below shows the growth in Russell Crowe’s weight:

“Russell has been in denial for years about his weight,” stated a source. “This denial has affected his health.” “He loses his cool whenever it is brought up in conversation, and he has a strict ‘three strikes and you’re out’ rule for people who mention it.”

According to reports, the celebrity’s girlfriend Britney Theriot is extremely “happy” with him, but she does want him to be in the best shape possible. A source close to the situation asserted, “She hopes that when he’s ready, he’ll drop the weight.”

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His inner circle reportedly contains individuals who have stated that he is not a fan of doing out and that he has employed trainers but “blows them off.”

“It’s the same with his eating habits,” the person who is close to Crowe and knows him well stated. Even though he has access to a chef who can prepare anything, all he wants to eat are burgers and other fried foods.

Crowe recently laughed off the numerous questions people ask him about whether or not he will play the same character in Gladiator 2, saying that he receives “a ridiculous amount.”

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