Ryan Coogler’s Net Worth – How Much Money Does He Have? What You’ll Need to Know

Most people are familiar with Ryan Coogler‘s identity with the 2018 hit film Black Panther, which he directed which was also Marvel’s first superhero film with a Black lead and an almost all-Black cast. However, apart from Black Panther, Ryan has directed and written big movies that have received awards, such as Fruitvale Station.

Ryan’s celebrity status has indeed been settled by his incredible contributions to the film industry, however, he has lately been subjected to mistreatment. As word of the 35-year-old being detained and spread on social media, where people are asking questions. How much money does Ryan Coogler have? Is the filmmaker in custody? So all the questions you have in mind we have cleared everything for you in this article so keep on reading further to know the net worth of Ryan Coogler. 

Ryan has a net worth of $25 million as of now according to Celebrity Net Worth. His career as a film director,  boom editor, screenwriter, sound writer,  assistant cameraman, and sound mixer, as resulted in this figure.

Ryan is the director and writer of the widely praised Fruitvale Station and Creed, in relation to Black Panther, which grossed nearly $1.4 billion worldwide. These two films had a total average of $191 million worldwide. Ryan’s net worth is expected to rise steadily as he continues his career as a director and storyteller.

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In January 2022, Atlanta police authorities arrested Ryan Coogler after he was wrongly accused of robbing a bank. Why would an extremely successful film director try to host a bank robbery? This question has kept everyone under many doubts all over social media. As per TMZ, the filmmaker was imprisoned for a relatively short period of time in January 2022 after officers mistook him for a robber.

Ryan Coogler’s Net Worth Is Set to Rising

Ryan was shortly detained after proceeding to the location of Bank of America to make a withdrawal of $12,000, according to an Atlanta Police Department report obtained by the outlet.

Ryan Coogler Net Worth
Ryan Coogler Net Worth

Ryan entered the bank wearing a mask, as per COVID-19 protocol. He was also sporting a pair of sunglasses. He then proceeded to hand a withdrawal slip to the bank teller, along with a note written on the back. The message was as follows: “I’d like to take $12,000 out of my checking account in cash. Please count the money in a different location. I’d prefer to remain unnoticed.”

Of course, this is understandable, as discussing Ryan’s withdrawal amount openly might make him a target. The note, on the other hand, generally leads the bank employee to start believing that something villainous was going on, and they called the cops.

Officers reportedly detained two people who were waiting for Ryan while they arrived, then went inside the bank to handcuff Ryan and brought him outside. They presumed after an investigative process that this was all a huge misunderstanding and that the Bank of America bank employee was to blame.

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Many users of social media are outraged by the report, given Ryan’s lack of motivation to rob a bank. Furthermore, many claim that the incident would have been managed differently if Ryan had just been white. Ryan is no longer affected by the unfortunate incident. Eventually, the 35-year-old told TMZ everything will be fine.

“This scenario should never have happened in the first place. Bank of America, on the other hand, worked with me to resolve the issue to my satisfaction, and we have since moved on “Ryan commented. Bank of America, in our opinion, should be renamed the Bank of Coogler.

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