Ryan Gosling Weight Gain: The Actor Was Removed From A Movie Due To Weight Gain

Thanks to his outstanding portrayal in Barbie, Ryan Gosling has spread his Ken-ergy throughout the globe. Who would have guessed? A woman (Margot Robbie) is portrayed in the film and the story is delivered by a woman (Greta Gerwig).

However, Ryan made a statement and an impact in the movie with his talent and charm. He is a very remarkable performer, but life was not always simple for him. When he was ‘too heavy’ for the role, he was once let go from the movie The Lovely Bones. Read on to find out more.

Ryan Gosling Weight Gain

Ryan and director Peter Jackson did not agree on the direction of The Lovely Bones. The part of Jack Salmon, a bereaved father, which Mark Wahlberg ultimately directed, was one that the actor aspired to play.

Ryan Gosling Weight Gain: The Actor Was Removed From A Movie Due To Weight Gain

Peter Jackson and Ryan Gosling actually had distinct ideas for Jack Salmon. The actor wanted him to appear heavy and distraught, but the director had different ideas. We had a different vision of how the character should look, the La La Land actress stated in a similar interview with The Hollywood Reporter. I genuinely thought he should weigh 210 pounds. He was consuming melted ice cream everytime he got thirsty in order to gain so much.

The actor was overweight for the role of Jack Salmon:

“I was 150 pounds when [director Peter Jackson] hired me, and I showed up on set 210 pounds,” Ryan Gosling continued. When I was thirsty, I melted Haagen Dazs and drank it. The filmmaker was not at all pleased to see him when he did. “I was anticipating it. When I arrived, they told me, “You look terrible.” I acknowledged, “I know! Isn’t it wonderful? “No, it isn’t. I was overweight and jobless at that point, he continued.

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Just a few days before filming began, the Barbie actor was reportedly let go from the project. Fran Walsh, Peter’s spouse and coworker, told the publication a different tale, “Ryan came to us two or three times and said, ‘I’m not the right person for this role,'” he remarked. I’m too young,'” she stated, adding, “And we responded by saying, “No, no, no. We’ll age you up.”

The below tweet is about firing of Ryan Gosling from The Lovely Bones:

“Your hair can be thinned by us. We had great interest. He was so uncomfortable moving forward, and we started to feel he was not right, but it wasn’t until we had the cast there during pre-production that it became increasingly obvious. things was our stubborn will to make things work whatever that was to blame.”

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