Sam Richardson and Zoë Chao Will Return With The Afterparty Season 2 in 2022 or Not ?

Streaming television series The Afterparty, developed by Christopher Miller, aired on Apple TV+ on 28 January 2022. The show got renewed for a second season on March 2, 2022. An after-reunion high school party is the setting for this comedy series, which follows the antics of a variety of characters.

According to critic Olivia Rutigliano, the show falls into a category known as “the millennial whodunnit,” in which the inquiry serves as a vehicle for characters to find second chances, personal fulfillment, and a break from monotonous or oppressive everyday life (through the feeling that their life has become a new genre).

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Sam Richardson and Zoë Chao Returning for The Afterparty Season 2

A few familiar faces will return for season two of The Afterparty. The director said, “While there are a number of new performers lined up for the second season, it appears that some familiar faces will be returning as well.”

Sam Richardson and Zoe Chao, who played Aniq and Zoe in the first season, will reprise their roles in the upcoming second season. Sam Richardson is an American actor, comedian, writer, and producer, born on January 12th, 1984.

He is best known for his roles as Richard Splett in the HBO political sitcom Veep (2012–2019), co-creator and co-star in the Comedy Central comedy series Detroiters (2017–2018), and numerous characters in the Netflix sketch program I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson (2019–present).

Actress Zoë Carol Chao (born September 19, 1985) is best known for her roles as Isobel in the television series Strangers and as Zoe in The Afterparty.

Chao has been in a number of theatrical performances, including La Jolla Playhouses’ Sideways, Surf Report, and WoW Festivals’ Our Town. The Ensemble Theatre Company’s Amadeus also featured her. In 2016, Chao performed in Friend Art at Second Stage, an off-Broadway production. Ping Chong, Christopher Guest, and Chris Ashley are among the renowned directors with whom Chao has collaborated.

The God Particles, which Chao wrote and produced, was another project in which she appeared. Like Animals was co-produced by Chao. In Strangers, she was well known for her role as Isobel.  It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival with its first three episodes.

Sam Richardson and Zoë Chao will return
Sam Richardson and Zoë Chao will return

The Afterparty, an Apple TV+ mystery comedy series starring Chao, premiered in 2022.

Tiffany Haddish, who will reprise her role as Detective Danner, will also be returning with the two actors.

Several well-known television performers have also been added to the cast for the upcoming season of the show.

Known for his appearances in The Office and Silicon Valley, Zach Woods will play Edgar in the new season. Paul Walter Hauser will portray Travis, Poppy Liu will portray Grace, Anna Konkle will portray Hannah, Jack Whitehall will portray Sebastian, and Vivian Wu will portray Vivian in the series.

Perkins will join the rest of the cast in the role of Isabel. Character specifics, other than their names, are being kept under wraps for the time being.

To put it mildly, The Afterparty’s first season was the best murder mystery show on television in recent times. Following a high school reunion, a former classmate, who was also a popular music artist and actor, was slain at an afterparty.


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Richardson’s Aniq is the leading suspect for the first season, which follows him and Haddish’s Danner in a race to identify the real culprit.

In the first season of The Afterparty, a pop artist (Dave Franco) was assassinated during an afterparty attended by a group of old classmates after their 15-year reunion. In each episode, the story was recounted from the perspective of a different individual and in a different film or television genre (musical, romantic comedy, action movie, and thriller among them).

Despite the return of some familiar actors, the comedy-mystery series is pursuing a whole new path. During the second season, the cast will be at the center of a wedding murder investigation.

Phil Lord and Anthony King serve as executive producers on the series, which was created by Christopher Miller. At this point in time, specifics about the upcoming season are scarce; however, Miller has stated that the new season would feature a dog.

Season one, except for a few flashbacks, takes place over a single night, with each episode providing a different character’s version of what happened during that time period. All of the characters had their own unique perspective, which was depicted through numerous genres and skilled storytellers. As a result of the format’s positive reception, Apple TV+ has already renewed its subscription to it.

There is no word yet on the premiere date of the second season, despite the fact that production is proceeding at a rapid pace.

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