Samsung Insists The Wrinkly Display Of The Galaxy S23 Ultra Is Not A Flaw

Given its out-of-this-world specifications and regular software upgrades, Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra is one of the best Android phones. Yet, at a starting price of $1,200, customers would rightfully anticipate a flawless experience.

Even though the flagship’s 6.8-inch screen has been widely reported to be defective, Samsung has assured customers that they need not worry. It has been pointed out on Reddit, Twitter, and the Samsung Community forums that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s wrinkled screen issue is not a defect in the bottom right corner that is only visible in specific lighting circumstances (via Phone Arena).

Many S23 Ultra users didn’t realise there was a problem until they were told about it, even though they’d been using their devices without incident for days. One customer inspected the store’s demo units and confirmed that the crease was on them.

Samsung UK responded to a Twitter user’s concern by explaining that the S23 Ultra’s water and dust resistance is achieved by laminating layers of glass directly onto the screen. As opposed to broken glass or a defective screen, what consumers are seeing is one of these laminations.

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It’s unclear whether this is indeed a defect, but it seems to be affecting a sizable fraction of customers in various markets worldwide.

There have been reports of consumers contacting Samsung assistance to exchange smartphones affected by this issue, only to receive new devices with the same problem. From what we can tell after inspecting our S23 Ultra, it may or may not be affected, but if it is, it is much less noticeable than the instances circulating online.

Fortunately, it does not seem to affect the visibility of any pixels in the display itself, so this is primarily a cosmetic issue; nonetheless, given Samsung’s asking price for these devices, you would be justified in expecting a faultless experience.

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