San Francisco Pride Festivities Cut Short After Unconfirmed Report of Shooting, Police Say

The unconfirmed report of a shooting was reportedly caused by a person spraying mace into the crowd, according to a statement that was posted on the official San Francisco Pride Twitter account.

The statement reads as:-

“There was an incident near the Kaiser Permanente main stage where there was the reason for concern,” the tweet said. “It’s important we let people know that as announced from the stage at the time, it was a person spraying mace into the crowd. Although no one was harmed, we know it was not a pleasant experience. We decided to cut the performance short in the interest of safety.”

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San Francisco Pride Celebrations Ended Early

San Francisco Pride’s first in-person event since 2019 was cut short early Sunday evening after an unverified shooting was reported near the junction of 7th and Market streets at around 5:25 p.m., according to police. The shooting was reported near the intersection of 7th and Market streets.

According to a statement ,“Officers responded to the area, but they were unable to [locate] any victims or witnesses after searching the area.”

San Francisco Pride Shooting
San Francisco Pride Shooting

“[At] this time it does not appear that there was any merit to a shooting in the area, and officers remain on scene to ensure safety and security of Pride events. “

When asked for more information, police spokesperson Kathryn Winters stated that authorities were unaware of the source of the reports or the impetus behind them.

A video that was uploaded to Twitter showed people fleeing the scene of the event as another person looked on from the window of Shovels Bar and Grill and asked, “What’s happening?”

Hayes and Polk’s streets were asked to be avoided by the general public by the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management at 6:05 p.m. due to the presence of police activity and emergency crews in the area. The department later announced on Twitter that the Pride celebration “had concluded” and urged people to “safely make [their] way out of the Civic Center area.”

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