Santa Clause series with Tim Allen: Release Date Status: Cancelled or Renewed?

Welcome back, family! Today we are discussing this amazing series which is recently making a comeback but this time not on the big screen. Santa Claus is coming back this time on Disney plus once again with its amazing story.

It was announced on Friday that Santa Claus is going to be back in Disney+. This movie will be back with the series or we can say is the continuation of the series The Santa Clause. This is going to be a limited series in which we will be seeing Tim Allen be back in his role as Scott Calvin.

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The production for this show is all set to begin in Los Angeles this spring along with the showrunner Jack Burditt. He is also going to produce alongside Richard Baker, Rick Messina, and Kevin Hench.

When and Where Was the Santa Clause Will Be Released?

In this brand new series of Disney+ Scott would be growing old and he would be nearing his 65th birthday.  Realizing that he knew that he won’t be able to be Santa forever. And as far as Disney described he has begun to slowly let go of all his duties as Santa.

Along with that he also has a family who could survive in the normal world and also live a better life. He was mostly worried about his two kids who actually grew up at pole and were not much aware of the world. Other than them he also had a lot of elves, children, and families to take care of.

Thus Scott goes out on a journey to find his most appropriate replacement. And we will see Santa getting ready for an all-new adventure along with this family especially leading life in the South Pole. And now that has left all the fans in shock thinking who could that be?

Santa Clause
Santa Clause

The new hit series on Disney Plus will be inspired by the 20th television and the Disney branded television. As of now, no other casting member has been announced other than Allen which also means that we are not aware who all cast members would be back in the show and yes that also means we have no idea if the previous cast members including Eric Lloyd or Elizabeth Michelle would be back in the show or not.

Santa Claus was first released in the year 1994 during that time Allen had won a People’s Choice Award for his character as Scott Calvin who eventually acted as Santa Claus in the movie. After the award, he played the same role for the other two parts as well that isThe Santa Clause 2 in the year 2002 and Santa clause 3 in the year 2006.

Thus all the 3 parts of the movie are now streaming on Disney+. And till any further news is out about the updated show, stay tuned with us and we will keep you updated.

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Allen was first introduced to the role of Santa Claus in the year 1994 when the first movie The Santa Clause was released. This family friend genre of the movie had a total turnover of two hundred million dollars at the box office and even had planned on having two more movies is the Santa Clause 2 and The Santa Clause 3.

Everything You Need to Know About Tim Allen

Other than these roles Allen also has played various roles such as he had voiced The Buzz Lightyear in the movie Toy Story, he was also lot famous for his live actions in the movie Jungle 2 Jungle in the year 1997, other than that he was also famous for the movie The Shaggy Dog in the year 2006.

If we talked about recent updates about him he had recently wrapped up the show named the last man standing with the long 9 seasons. In this show, he had played the role of a conservative businessman call Mike Baxter. Other than that he had even co-hosted the History Channel competition along with the co-host to Richard Karn. 

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