Sapphic Vampire Love Netflix’s First Kill Has Been Killed

When it comes to Netflix, nothing good (or bad, or mediocre) can stand the test of time for long. This is not the streamer’s first kill and will not be the last. Behold, ye Mighty, the works of the algorithm!

Sapphic Vampire Romance First Kill is, well, Killed at Netflix

However, in all seriousness, the cancellation of the sapphic vampire romance is not a shock. V.E. Schwab and Felicia Henderson collaborated on the story, which follows the forbidden love between a young vampire (Sarah Catherine Hook) and a vampire hunter (Joseph Sullivan). Outer Banks and Heartstopper, two of the streamer’s other comparable teen shows, were well-received when they premiered.  However, the show’s on-screen representation was appreciated by a devoted fanbase.

Sapphic Vampire Love Netflix First Kill Killed
Sapphic Vampire Love Netflix First Kill Killed

According to the company, the cancellation was all about the money. However, exactly how Netflix interprets its own numbers remains a mystery. First Kill ranked No. 3 on Deadline’s list of the most-watched series in its first week, with 48.8 million hours viewed. The show “easily cleared” 100 million hours of viewing in its first month. So the show “did not meet thresholds for viewing and completion of episodes,” as the researchers put it.

There are numerous examples of Netflix’s ruthlessness, including the cancellation of popular shows like Julie and the Phantoms and The Society (whose renewal was canceled). According to some dissatisfied First Kill fans, this is a common problem with the company’s shows starring queer teen girls (Everything Sucks, I Am Not Okay With This, Trinkets).

Because of its history of canceling shows after only one or two seasons, Netflix’s strategy is well-known. In other words, First Kill is the latest casualty.

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