Say I Love You Season 2: Release Date Status, Synopsis, Cast, and Trailer (Latest News)

If you are a fan of romance-packed dramatic anime, you should watch ‘Say I Love You Season 1’. If already done, you are probably looking for Say I Love You Season 2. The series is the adaptation of the manga of the same name, developed by Kanae Hazuki.

As the name suggests, the series is a love-based story of a high schoolboy and a young girl Mei. The story of anime these days adapts the high school content, so is the case with this show. However, it serves a different plot, which helps in relating the story to the old school crush.

The show came out in 2012, since then followers are looking for revival updates. For now, the answer is not in fans’ favor. The show did not get any renewal orders officially. Will there be Say I Love You Season 2? Will the story end up with only a season? We have clubbed all the potentialities below. Let us dig more about season 2.

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Say I Love You Season 2 Release Date

As stated, the show has yet to receive green signals from the makers. Are the makers planning for another season or not? Well, the answer seems vague.

As it has been almost a decade since the show debuted, for season 2, there are no words. Season 1 debuted in October 2012 and served a total of 13 episodes. Later, as a sequel, a single OVA episode was released. Since then, there have been no clues of whether the story will continue or not.

If we look at the possibilities, the show is an adaptation of a manga series, which has enough content for the next season. Season one adapted only 29 chapters and the manga was published from 2008 to 2017. So if we talk about the availability of source content, it is more than enough. So, we believe, there are half and half chances of show renewal. We will get back to you when anything official comes out.

Say I Love You
Say I Love You

Say I Love You Season 2 Synopsis

The story has yet to get official orders. Nevertheless, we have got some hints if the story proceeds with season 2 what it will bring to us. 

Yamato Kurosawa and Mei Tachibana, the two protagonists, lead the story. Mei Tachibana, the schoolgirl is always confused about all her inadequacies. But, Yamato supports her as he feels something for her.

After so much drama, Mei accepts her feelings for him and the story gets a proper finish line. But, the challenges are still prevalent. How will they lead their story? If there will be another season, we will see the future journey of the couple. Not only this, it will be packed with more drama and complications this time, as most of the people find the story quite predictive.

Say I Love You Season 2 Cast

If Season 2 continues, we will meet the two protagonists of the show again, who has gained immense popularity in the last season.

The story will bring Yamato Kurosawa, the popular schoolboy, who helped Mei throughout. We will also meet a beautiful girl, Mei Tachibana who was Yamato’s love interest. As the story will travel to another horizon of their life, some new characters can make appearances. 

Say I Love You Season 2 Trailer

In the absence of any renewal announcement, it is hard to think of the trailer in the coming days. It will surely take some time if season 2 gets approval. We will update the space, once any updates become available. 

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