Scheana and Brock Divorce: Is She Leaving Him for Lisa Vanderpump?

Scheana Shay was seen being served with legal documents in the Vanderpump Reunion preview, leading fans to anticipate that she and her husband, Brock Davies, might be divorced. Is Scheana Shay’s divorce proceeding still pending?

Vanderpump Rules’ reunion trailer is insane, focusing on the big one (Sandoval), a fight between Lala Kent and Raquel Leviss, and James Kennedy calling Sandoval a “worm with a mustache.”

Scheana Shay was issued court documents on the same day the reunion was taped, as seen in the teaser for the upcoming Vanderpump Rules season. Read on to find out if Scheana has divorced Brock or if they are still legally married.

Is It True That Scheana and Her Husband Brook Are Divorcing?

Scheana and her husband are not getting a divorce. Although Brock had no intention of terminating his marriage, fans of Vanderpump Rules assumed he had filed for divorce after seeing divorce papers in the reunion video.

Scheana and Brock Divorce


On the same day the reunion was filmed, Raquel and Scheana sought a restraining order against Shay in court using their real names. The ruling states that on March 2, they got into an argument, and Shay hit her.

Scheana has denied Raquel’s accusations on multiple occasions. Thus, she has requested that the restraining order against her be revoked. The judge’s decision to dismiss the injunction was unanimous. Raquel’s best friend Scheana sobbed after reading the court papers.

Scheana told Andy Cohen on WWHL that she didn’t “punch” Raquel but that there was a “shove” and that she threw her phone across the room in response to his question.

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Is Scheana Still Brock’s Wife?

Scheana and Brock exchanged wedding vows on August 23, 2022. Raquel, one of their co-stars on Bravo, was among the guests at their wedding at Cancun’s Dreams Natura Resort & Spa.

After meeting at a concert in 2019, the two decided to take their relationship to the next level. Their daughter Summer was born in April of 2021. Summer, Brock, and Scheana looked stunning in white as they descended the aisle.

We were initially introduced to the couple on the first season of Vanderpump Rules. They publicly announced their divorce in 2017, but the legal process began in 2016.

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