Sci-fi Action Horror as of May 20th, Dolmen Will Be Available on Playstation 4 and Playstation 5

Welcome back Fam! Today we are here Discussing this amazing series which is completely based on a fictional universe and has shown a set of various planets all across the Galaxy, Dolmen multi-universe where humans are grouped other faraway planets across the universe,  federations, expanding empires, mining colonies, and commerce companies.

To revive this different condition they have engineers as various humans were completely different and they must be referred to as Xeno species. This upcoming game is going to be released on 20th May on Playstation 4 and 5.

Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Game – Dolmen

The player of this game at the beginning will have to take control of a mercenary who is hired by Zoan Corp to take any action on Revion Prime. Revion Prime is a planet where Driller Xeno humans were conducting a Mining and scientific operation.

Things have gotten out of control on the planet, and the player is the first to appear to control the situation and recover secured data and other details for Zoan Corp. Even if some of the Drillers survive, it is not necessary to save them. As you proceed through the mission, you’ll find that the Zoan Corp. has been covering up some secrets and highly serious technology.

The phrase “dolmen” is used to define the structures used in funeral rituals and links to the afterlife. It was also used to understand the planet’s red crystal. The Drillers’ focus is perhaps crystal, and the name relates to its ability to change the travel through portals.

As a result, for all the fans Dolmen is indeed an action RPG with different mechanics, and to proceed, players must know how to control their personalities,  time enemy attacks, and utilize the resources such as energy, stamina,  hit points, block, parry, and more.

The game contains a broad range of weapons and armor to accommodate different game styles, such as melee, ranged, and mixed combat. To craft machinery, players should accumulate various materials found on the planet, trying to mix technologies in different designs to increase character skills and know-how each piece of gear can lead to the defeat of your foes.

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Dolmen Releases Finally on PS4 & PS5

The game utilizes a rock, paper, scissors strategy, with each opponent resistant to two elements and vulnerable to the third. If you don’t recognize the weakness among fire, cold, and acid, These elements are powerful enemies for both bosses and champions and maybe even more difficult to defeat. 

In this game, a unique mechanic known as Energy Mode is used. This allows the character to use energy rather than stamina to conduct melee attacks. Attacks are worked upon with important elements during this energized state, causing extra damage. However, the best possible outcome will happen if the weapon has such elemental damage buff that the opponent is sensitive to.


And if you don’t win the very first time, you can challenge bosses once again using Dolmen crystals, or a multi-play session can also be created to take them down with the game. Each additional player complicates the process of the battle, making sure that each battle continues to remain an exciting challenge.

Of course, the game isn’t only about bosses. Regular enemies will put your skills to the test, as they will make a conscious effort to end your mission. The art team strived to materialize every terrible fear they could find in the books as an enemy attempting to kill the character. 

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The game is divided into 3 parts: The Dump, in which accident took place; the Wastelands, in which the player will discover about the disaster’s scope; and the Old Lab, in which players will try to solve the crisis. Players will indicate that no one is allowed throughout the game, with danger always staying around every corner.

Strange fungus and Organic tissues grow everywhere; abominable creatures search for new prey and a planet gets destroyed in hours. This game has a set of great voice actors, music artists working to enhance the main battles, text tracking in over 12 languages, and added engagement on PS5 thanks to the DualSense wireless controller’s adaptive triggers. In this game, we have received a good idea of what players can expect from this twelve to sixteen -hour adventure in a Xeno world.

So do not forget to check this game out and let us know in the comments below your views about the same.  Until any further update stay tuned with us for all such updates about your favorite shows and characters 

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