Sean Taylor Cause Of Death: What Happened To The Former Washington Safety?

Sean Taylor Cause Of Death: One of the most heartbreaking stories in National Football League history focuses on Sean Taylor.

In the 2000s, Washington football team safety Taylor was a Pro Bowl pick. The year he graduated from high school, in 2001, he was widely regarded as the top athlete in the country. Because of its proximity to his childhood home, he opted to play for the Miami Dolphins. Taylor, who had a stellar collegiate career, was selected in the top five of the 2004 NFL Draft.

In 2007, when Taylor’s numbers were through the roof and he was receiving praise for his hard ethic and increased maturity, he seemed destined for greatness. But then later that year, disaster struck. Below is everything we know about Sean Taylor Cause of Death.

sean taylor cause of death
sean taylor cause of death

Sean Taylor Cause Of Death

Even though Taylor played for Washington, he had a home in Miami. On November 18th, 2007, while he was out of town, a search warrant was executed at his residence. A few days later, on November 26, there were again people in the house. This time, though, Taylor was there throughout the attempted break-in. Scared off by his appearance, the burglars fired a shot that struck Taylor in the upper leg, causing him to lose a lot of blood.

On November 27, 2007, Sean Taylor’s death and Sean Taylor Cause of Death were officially confirmed.

To honour Taylor, every NFL player wore a number 21 decal on their helmet during Week 13 of that season. When Washington’s defence started against the Buffalo Bills that weekend, there were only 10 players on the field. Taylor was also the first player to be selected posthumously for the Pro Bowl.

Sean Taylor’s NFL Origins

Taylor was viewed as immature throughout his first few seasons in the NFL. Certainly, he was partially deserving of the criticism he got. After being fined $25,000 for leaving the 2004 rookie symposium early, he was also fined seven times by the league between 2004 and 2006, including for leaving early from the playoff game he was playing in with Washington and getting ejected from after spitting on an opponent.

Taylor was also well-known for being a strong hitter, with his most infamous blow occurring inexplicably at the 2006 Pro Bowl. The AFC team faked a punt, and the safety took out Brian Moorman, the punter.

The Pro Bowl is primarily an exhibition, so bear that in mind. Some people thought Taylor’s huge hit on the punter was really childish. Others, though, regarded it as indicative of a player who consistently gives his all on the field. That’s all we know about Sean Taylor Cause of Death.

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