How Did Harwin Strong Die & When?

Episode 6 of House of the Dragon changed the story in a big way, making it one of the best episodes of the series so far. This show got off to a slow start, but it’s starting to feel more and more like a forerunner to Game of Thrones. The latest additions to the Targaryen family, in addition to political upheaval and grisly murders, are what keep viewers tuning in.

Even though a lot happened in this episode, Ser Harwin Strong was still the main attraction. The highlights of the episode were his fight with Ser Criston Cole and his deep connection with Rhaenyra. Fans are left wondering what happened to him after the final scene, which featured him surrounded by fire.

Ser Harwin Strong Death

Ser Harwin Strong is the King’s Landing City Watch Commander and rightful successor to Harrenhal. After seeing him battle Christon Cole, it’s easy to believe that Harwin, aka Breakbones, is the strongest man in the Seven Kingdoms. This episode also paints a clear picture of Harwin as Ryaenyra Targaryen’s secret lover and the presumed father of her three boys rather than Laenor.

Criston mocks Harwin by suggesting he would only care about the young Targaryens and Velaryons if they were his cousins, siblings, or sons after they finish training with him. Harwin is so enraged by this that he brutally assaults Criston. Harwin’s father, Lyonel Strong, takes leave after the incident and sends his son back to the Harrenhal.

sir harwin strong death
Sir Harwin Strong Death

Does Harwin Strong Die In House of the Dragon?

Lyonel explains to the king that Harwin must return since he is responsible for teaching his son, the future successor to House Strong, his role in society. It’s clear, though, that the tragedy has left Lyonel wondering whether or not his kid is safe in Kings Landing. Unfortunately for them, their bad fortune had followed them all the way to Harrenhal.

Larys, Harwin’s younger brother, is seen negotiating a deal with the captives in order to rescue them. So that they don’t betray him, he also has their tongues chopped. Harwin and his father are killed when Larys sends the prisoners to Herrenhal, who burns down the palace. Books consistently placed blame on Harrenhal’s curse, although many readers suspected Daemon was responsible for the deaths shown there.

Why Larys Killed Harwin And Lyonel?

Fans are probably wondering what Larys stands to gain from his brother and father’s deaths. It’s clear from the show that Larys wants Alicent to believe him, and he seems eager to prove his reliability to her. Despite the lack of romantic chemistry between them, Alicent’s support would be invaluable to Harrenhal now that he is the sole heir.

It’s clear that Larys is a forward-thinking man who can see the bigger picture. Aegon, Alicent’s eldest son, is maturing into a strong contender to succeed his mother, Rhaenyra, on the Iron Throne. Larys is confident that after King Viserys’s death, Aegon’s claim to the throne will be supported, despite Viserys’s declaration that his daughter should be the king’s heir. Thus, Larys’s brave decision to eliminate his family in order to draw nearer to Alicent is understandable. Everything is conjecture at this point, and we won’t have a clear picture until later episodes air.

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