Serena Kerrigan Boyfriend: You Would Not Believe What Her Boyfriend Did!!

Serena Kerrigan was a social media star, and her life seemed like a picture. But a new fact about her boyfriend has shocked fans and people who follow her. Behind the smiles and public displays of love, there is a shocking secret that will leave you speechless.

As we go into the shocking details of what her boyfriend did, get ready for an emotional journey, read this post carefully to learn everything in detail about Serena Kerrigan.

What Was Serena Kerrigan’s Boyfriend’s Scandal?

Creator Serena Kerrigan’s live-photo nightmare has gone viral after she shared a video that appears to show a man caught in the act of cheating on TikTok. The video, which was shared, has over 2.2 million likes, 11.2 million views, and a wave of shocked and appalled critics. That video is deleted now.

The video is set to Kreepa’s “Oh No”; on-screen text reads, “When the guy you’re d@ting says he misses you but then you click the live photo.”

Since Serena Kerrigan prefers to keep her personal life under wraps, neither his name nor a photo of him can be found anywhere on the internet.

Apple’s iOS has a function called “Live Photos,” which records a short video of the time immediately preceding and after a still image, which can be viewed by holding a finger on the screen while studying the photo. A live photo can be viewed in its entirety by the recipient.

It’s possible the guy in this circumstance forgot or didn’t realize the person he was sending his live shot to would be able to witness the entire thing. The live shot showed another girl tumbling onto the duvet, while the video still depicted a bed with a stuffed animal sitting near the pillows.

Serena Kerrigan Boyfriend

Kerrigan is a well-known figure on the web, and she goes by the name “Serena F—ing Kerrigan.” To help singles find love, she made the Instagram Live show “Let’s F—ing D@te.”

In response to a commenter’s inquiry over the veracity of the story, she said simply, “100%.” Insider’s request for comment from Kerrigan went unanswered for some time. She decided to leave her job after reading pandemic.

Following the boyfriend cheating controversy, Serena Kerrigan also stated on Facebook that she “didn’t need a corona boyfriend” and indicated that she preferred to be alone.

In the past, we’ve covered a variety of topics related to celebrities’ private lives on this site, including who they’re married to, who they’re d@ting, and more:

What Do We Know about Serena Kerrigan?

CEO, entrepreneur, and social media celebrity who shot to prominence with her groundbreaking Let’s F**king D@te reality show on Instagram Live. The Today Show called her show, in which she broadcasts virtual blind d@tes to her fans, “Quarantine’s New Must-Watch.” She has nearly 596.1k followers on her serenakerrigan TikTok account, where she broadcasts more d@ting-related comedy content.

Popular TikToker Serena Kerrigan has made a big splash with her one-of-a-kind style and entertaining videos. She has developed a significant fanbase and widespread notice for her encouraging messages of self-love and body positivity, and she does not apologize for them.

TikTok videos featuring Serena typically focus on her day-to-day life, d@ting anecdotes, and inspirational advice, all given with her trademark audacity and charisma. Her genuineness and ability to connect with her audience have made her a fan favourite on TikTok.

Serena is not only a household name thanks to her popularity on TikTok, but also on other social media platforms and in the entertainment world. She uses her platform to promote self-expression and body positivity through her partnerships with brands and media appearances.

Serena Kerrigan has become a popular TikToker and influencer thanks to her self-assured persona, approachable content, and dedication to empowering others. She encourages her fans to be themselves and to enjoy life without regrets.

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