Serita Jakes Illness and Weight Loss Update

After Serita Jakes’s weight loss report, her fans are concerned that she may be ill. Is she actually ill?

Serita Jakes is a popular American motivational speaker and the founder of the Serita Jakes Home Collection. She is well known as TD Jakes’s wife.

Most of the concern, though, stems from her history of medical issues. As of last year, Serita Jakes is in excellent health and has no serious illnesses.

T. D. Jakes’s wife Serita is a pastor in the United States. Sarah Jakes Roberts, Jermaine Jakes, Cora Jakes Coleman, Thomas Jakes, Jr., and Jamar Jakes are Serita Jakes’ five children.

However, fans lately became worried when rumors circulated that Serita Jakes has cancer. This, however, is not the case.

To our knowledge, the speaker has never mentioned having been diagnosed with cancerous growth. We are unable to make any definitive statements at this time.

Illness and Health Condition

Physical and mental health issues plagued Serita Jakes from a young age, according to reports.

Apparently, she made some poor choices as a result of her battle with weight loss. She has discussed her history of substance misuse before. She even started getting into toxic and abusive relationships as a result.

But all her hardships, Serita ultimately prevailed. However, in 1982, just six months after she married Bishop T.D. Jakes, she was injured in a terrible car accident.

serita jakes illness
serita jakes illness

The motivational speaker’s legs and feet were severely injured in the collision. She was able to walk again with the help of prayers and physical treatment.

Serita suffered yet another setback in 2012 when doctors discovered a bulging disc in her upper limbs. Additionally, she made a full recovery from this illness after undergoing surgery.

In light of her past medical issues, Serita Jakes’s devoted following regularly expresses concern about her wellbeing. Thankfully, she has not mentioned any serious problems in a long time.

Inspiringly, Serita Jakes has lost a significant amount of weight.

We’ve already established that Serita has a history of weight problems. Still, at 66 years old, she appears to be in good health and contentment.

Serita Jakes is so committed to living a healthy lifestyle that she has even influenced her own family. T.D. Jakes‘s weight loss of approximately 100 pounds in 2002 wowed the public. He went so far as to write a guidebook that detailed his methods.

Their weight loss journey made headlines in 2021 when Serita Jake’s children were in the spotlight. Cora, the daughter, was singled out for particular acclaim for her success story of weight loss of 83 pounds.

However, we have no doubt that Serita is one of the primary causes for all of the inspiration.

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