Severance: Release Date Status, Trailer, and a Cast of Adam Scott’s Apple Tv+ Science Fiction Thriller

Welcome back from today we hear about this new thriller series which is going to be released by Apple TV+.  This new series is called Severance. This concept of this series is based on a new thriller and all the viewers are very much eager to see what is coming up in this series. 

This show is going to be premiered on 18th February 2022.  The story stars Adam Scott and is a sci-fi workplace thriller, This story shows about an industry in which all the employees would have their separate memories for work-life and non-work life.

Isn’t it amusing to see how someone can have both different memories in the same life and how can they switch it every day?  So keep on reading further as we have gathered everything you need to know about this upcoming show.

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Severance: Plot

This brand new show Severance is a thriller that is mostly about how one can balance their work life and personal life by doing surgery if they work in the firm.  All the employees working at Lumon industries need to get their memories of personal life and work-life separated by doing surgery. 

They are never aware of what they had done at work while there are living their personal life and they have no clue of what they did in their personal life while they are busy in their work life.

As the Story goes on one of the employees of this company that is Adam Scott realizes that this kind of mysterious work is being done at Lumon industries and that has been implied on him as well. The story is mostly about what he will do to get himself out of this situation. So do not forget to watch this series on 18th February and comment down below your views about the show.

Severance Release Date
Severance Release Date

Severance: Cast

 The main character of the show is Mark, played by Adam Scott.  Adam is famous for his roles in all the comedy movies such as The Good Place or Park and Recreation.  He is also so famous for being a very dramatic actor with his role in famous dramas such as  Reese Witherspoon’s husband.

He is further joined by Britt lower who is played by Helly.  Britt is a lot famous for her work in Unforgettable and Man Seeking Woman. Other than the above-mentioned characters the show also includes John Tuturro, Christopher Walken, and Patricia Arquette.

The first 6 episodes of Severance have been directed by ben stiller.  Ben is a very famous actor and very popular forest roles in Night at the Museum,  The Meyerowitz Stories, and Zoolander. However, He has even directed a lot of movies previously and the list includes  Zoolander, Tropic Thunder,  Reality Bites, and a lot more. The upcoming show contains a total of 9 Episodes does not forget to watch the series and share your views with us regarding the show. 

Severance: Trailer

The trailer for Severance has already been released by the makers. The trailer of the show contains Adam Scott solving a lot of mysteries of Lumon industries and trying to save himself from the situation.

When and How Can I Watch It?

Severance Is going to be premiered on Apple TV+  this 18th February. The first episode of the show will be released back to back and after that, the series will be premiered weekly with all the episodes throughout the entire April.  So do not forget to watch the show and share your views in the comments below.  Till then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite shows and favorite characters.

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